Alexa and Routines - Noobie is confused

So I dove headfirst into smarthings, but a bit confused about smarthings and alexa. Have a two lights in my living room. Named Living Room Couch Left, Living Room Couch Right.

Two questions:1) Had a routine “Living Room Lights” which was set up to turn on both lights. When I say “Alexa, turn on living room lights” it would say “you have several devices with that name”. Does the routine have to have a completely different name than the contained devices?

  1. If I want to turn off the living room lights, would I need a separate routine that is programmed to turn off both lights, or is saying (assuming it works) “Alexa, Turn off Routine Name (the one that turned the lights on)” the way its done?
  1. Alexa is confused by what you called them. You have two devices call living room light. Give each a very unique name. You could also rename the routine they are in to something like “lights on” instead of using what you called them as the routine name.

  2. You don’t need a routine to turn them off unless you want to create a routine just for that purpose alone and call it “lights off”. You can group the lights in the Amazon Alexa app.

I have a group in Amazon Alexa app that all my lights are in called “all lights”. When I want to quickly turn off or on every light I just say Alexa, turn off (on) all lights.

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You can create a group in alexa and call it what you like i.e all lights. Then alexa turn on all lights