Change with issuing commands using Google Home

Previously I used to be able to say, Ok Google turn on Bedroom and it would turn on all devices with the name Bedroom. That would include lights and switches. Now if I say that command Google says it doesn’t know what I want to turn on. This happens even if I make a room called Bedroom and pull all the things associated with bedroom in there. I have to specifically say Bedroom lights now if I want to turn on the lights. This also happens with Kitchen where I only have light bulbs. It’s annoying having to say lights.

Anyone else notice this?

EDIT: As of April 3, 2017 it seems like Google fixed this issue. I can now say the name of the room without saying lights regardless of whether I’m turning on or off the devices. So it seems like it’s back to normal now.

I have just the opposite in my kitchen. If I ask it to turn off the kitchen lights it doesn’t have a clue. Turn Off the kitchen works great. That’s really odd.

Yeah unless something changed like my kitchen has 4 lights if I say turn off kitchen light everything with lights in it not just the one named kitchen light turn on or off. That’s why I had give everything a nickname or use alexa

I was doing some reading and I think it had something to do with the way the Home sees lights, switches, and outlets. Bulbs are always lights but switches that control lights are not lights unless the word light is included in their name. It was all a little confusing. I think it’s a matter off “playing with device names and nicknames” to get the desired results. I also think Google is adding more “reserved” words for future use but that is only anecdotal. I have no proof.

Today my kitchen responds to both “turn off the kitchen” as well as “turn off thekitchen lights”. I didn’t rename anything.

Not sure why that changed.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

What I’m noticing is that the "off "commands work fine. So I can say the room name without the use of the words light. However, when I issue an “on” command that’s when the problem occurs.

Does anyone notice this specific behavior when asking the GH to turn on a room that just has lights?