Can't get Google Home to turn on/off decives

So I just purchased my first two devices. I got two GE Plug-in Smart Switches. I got them added to the Smartthings app and added them to a room. I added them in the Google Home app on my phone under Home Control. When ever I try to tell Google Home to turn on or off all she says is “I don’t know how to help with that.” Is there a step I am missing

One thing I just tried. I can get it to work from my phone, but not Google Home.

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I dont think you have miss a step
Just out of curiosity what is the vocal command that you tell google home? and whats the name of the switch? did you name them appropriately in google home app?

I named them “Left Living Room Light” and “Right Living Room Light”. I assigned them to the room “Living Room” in both the Smartthings app and the Home app.

I have tried “Turn on the Living Room”, “Turn on the living room lights”, “Turn on the living room switches”

Im not at home, so i cant test, can you perhaps try to find a different name for those lights?
a shorter one for example: try right light / left light and see if google home is able to understand.

I ended up getting on chat help with Google and we got it working. It took resetting the Google Home to factory default and then resetting everything up.

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Since it’s only the 2 devices for now another command you could try is “turn the lights on”. That make all of my lights come on at one time and is another way you could test the Google home interaction.

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