LED light on the On/Off switch

I recently installed another GE/Jasco On-Off light switch… the 45609 I believe the model number is. Everything is fine except for one small annoying thing. As most of us know these switches have a little blue LED light on it … default is for the light to be ON when the switch is OFF. The idea is so you can see it in a dark room. However, the one I installed is reversed. I know that the setting is programmable but I don’t know how I am going to be able to change it.

The documentation says this:

When shipped from the factory, the LED is set to turn ON when the
connected light is turned OFF. This allows the LED to indicate the
switch’s location in a dark room. This is the default setting and can
be changed if your primary controller supports the node configuration
function. To make the LED turn ON when the light is turned
ON, change parameter 3’s value to “1”.

So evidently my parameter 3 value is set to 1 instead of 0 and not only do I not know how I changed it, I even more so don’t know how to change it back. Any help would be appreciated.

Tap the little gear on the corner of the device icon. You’ll know what to do from there.

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OMG … well that was easy. I have seen that thing a million times and NEVER once thought that’s what it was for. Problem solved.

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OK, I swear that when I had smartthings set up originally (we had 2 moves in 12 months so I had the system mothballed for about a year) that I remember having full control through the gear icon just as you have described. Right now, as I am slowly getting things reinstalled, I have a GE/Jasco Duplex outlet and a Leviton plug-in appliance module connected right now and when I tap either of their “gear” icons, the only options I am given are “give your device a name” and “Update Icon”. I do not see any control of the LED offered as an option.

What am I doing wrong? Could this be related to me adding these devices automatically rather than manually selecting the specific device in the menu?

This is insanely maddening because the bright LEDs drive my wife nuts.