GE Zwave Switch (14291) - LED Light On/Off

Hello…Before I posted this, I did search on the forum regarding the LED Status Light on the GE Zwave 14291 switch, and I found a comment that there is a “gear” setting that allows you to reverse the light status. I just installed two GE switches in the Garage, and the blue indicator light was on after installation.

After pairing the switches with Smartthings, the LED’s are reversed and only come on when the light is in the on position. I looked in the app, and I could not find anywhere to change the behavior of the LED…

My question is…how do you sort this issue…I want the LED “On” when the switch is in the “Off” position…

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Cheers!! :slight_smile:

Are you using this device handler for this switch?

Or are you using the default?

The default…Whatever Smartthings brought up…I did find in IDE an LED Indicator preferences setting that is “editable” but am unsure of what value to set it at…Value is “blank”…I have tried numerical values (0, 1, 2), and commands like “lit when off”…and neither seem to have an effect…

Preferences (edit)
Name Type Value
ledIndicator enum

Mine has ‘whenOff’ in that field. but I’m sure its because I’m using the custom DTH…

Option 1) play around with the numbers manually and see what they do, fun experiment for a Saturday. Just don’t set an invalid number. Either way Im sure you wont break the switch by editing that setting.
Option 2) Install the custom DTH and set that way.

Thanks…Are the setting changes pretty immediate? I was looking at Jasco’s site and other areas for the values/parameters.

I’ve made several changes in the setting, and nothing happened…Just wondering if I need to give it some time…or I should see a change pretty quickly

Yes, stick with the stock DTH and you can change the setting there, it should be instant unless your Z-Wave mesh is having issues.

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Thanks Benji…But where do I sort the setting? Nothing I seem to do impacts a change in the LED behavior…I am reluctant to install custom device handlers when they have resident ones in Smartthings…

Okay…I went into Exclusion Mode, and removed the two switches from Smartthings, and now the LED is on when the light is off…

Question…can I use maybe the Jasco/Honeywell Device Handler if I want? I don’t have this problem with my Honeywell Switches…They are made by the same company…(Jasco)

Okay…Installed the Nuttytree DTH to allow it to be my device handler for the switch…Followed the instructions on how to install a DTH and assign it to the device…

Well…FAIL…The switch wouldn’t even accept a command from the app.

Can anyone help with the LED situation? Has anyone had the same issue? How do you sort it? Makes no sense that the LED comes on when the light is on…

This is the GE/Jasco Dimmer switch, but I assume you should see the same for this switch (using the default device handler). No?

I have nothing like that…nothing like that for the default…or Nuttytree handler…

Bear in mind…this is not a dimmer switch…it’s just a standard switch…Not sure if that makes a difference…

Well, I remembered I do have a 14291 in the hall. So when you are in the classic app in My Home / Things / selected that switch, do you see

and then click on the gear icon you get

I get nothing like that…

Keep in mind…if I switch to the DTH that was posted before…the App does not pick up on the change…and the switch doesn’t work at all…So far…everything is fruitless…I can’t believe that nobody has seen this issue before with the new hub, and GE Switches…I can tell you this…I don’t have this problem with the Honeywell switches, and they are cheaper…LOL!!

From your pics I think I figured it out… You’re using the NEW app.


Download and install SmartThings Classic from the app store - and login to that app with the same credentials. Then you’ll start to understand why we were all confused.

And yes you can use the custom DTH if you use the Classic app.

Im hating that new app more and more as days go by,.


Thanks Nathan…Now maybe we’re getting somewhere…LOL!!

Well…Suffering Smartthings Batman!!

Amazing!! It worked!! Now I can put my technological OCD down for a nap, and maybe get something productive done today…LOL!!

Thanks Nathan!! You’re the Man!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for suffering through this, Swifty. I just started using SmartThings and am using the new app. For me the Z-Wave switch blue LED should be ON when the load is switched OFF.

Looks like I’ll load the Classic and start making those changes.

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The value for the ledindicator enum should be the word “off”, no quotes and must be all lower case letters. After you save the Current States box for ledindicator status should say “when off”.