Led indicator light not working on GE 14294 Dimmer

Installed Dimmer and the indicator light does not come on at all. I thought I noticed it on right after install but not sure because I was installing three switches in one box. I did remove and reactivate it to ST. I’ve tried both indicator settings. I know this may not be a ST issue but it’s a place to start.

is the dimmer switch working correctly? This can happen when the dimm level is near 0 and the lamp looks like its off but it is actually on.

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You could use the zwave tweaker app to view the device value for the LED indicator and then try to change it:

According to this online documentation:


The dimmer is working fine. I can view my indicator settings for my device on smartthings IDE. Is the tweaker going to tell me any more?

Is there a way to verify if the light is even working?

I just changed out the switch. No more problem. LED works as intended. I just bought the bad switch so it will be going back.

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