LED Accent lighting for Flat Screen TV?

So I’m looking to add LED accent lighting to my Samsung 55 TV. I’ve been looking at this:

My only question would be, how would I control it with ST?! It has IR, so I could do it thru Harmony, so, just wondering if there’s an easier solution?


This plus any 3 or 4 color LED tape. Superbright LED makes some. So does Environmental Lights.

Hue also makes a led tape product, but you need a hue hub (and fingers to cross for the ST/Hue integration)

@NorCalLights, so how does your product integrate with ST? IR?

It’s a zwave device. Check out that thread, or look at the specs on Fibaro’s website.

Okay, Great! Ordering now!

I have a Hue LED strip working in my setup.

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Here you go. Cheap and works great with ST.



Completely agree with this recommendation… Cheap and works great with ST. I have mine set to turn on /off whenever my TV goes on /off.

This is the cheapest I have found:

Ambivision look it up, works as screen capture.

I’m waiting on a Kickstarter to show up for this, looks like it’s automated from tv signal (hdmi) so hopefully set it and forget it. Will share once I have it.

Here is ambivision on a 106" screen.

It adds a great effect and can do audio mode for music.

Remember there is a theory to this and eventhough all the colorful lights look fun, its not really helping your cause. It needs to be 7200k. Get the antec lighting on Amazon, after a deep dive of research, thats what I went with for mine.

I have 3 of them on my 75". They all connect into this lightweight USB hub I have on the back of my tv. I ran an extension USB cord from that hub behind my wall down to where my components are. Plugged that into a dongle, and then into a z-wave plug. Put the plug as a thing on SmartThings and then have Echo pick it up. Alexa, turn on the bias lighting…bingo

what’s the best smartapp to use with the Osram Lightify? Not finding much?

You could build your own ambilight clone using an RPi + WS2812 / APA102 LED strip + Hyperion.

The best thing about this is that @Kristopher built a DTH for Hyperion so not only can you use it as an ambilight clone but you can also use it as a ‘RGB bulb’ in SmartThings if you weren’t watching TV or just wanted to set it to be a standard light instead of an ambilight all the time:


I got the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex. It’s awesome, however I’m trying to create a switch that will turn my LED panel on to a certain color with one action. I think the best way to do this create a virtual switch and set it to the color and fade I want, yes?

Is this the best way to do this?

An Aeon Minimote works well for this and usually $10 if you hunt around. I have each button press set up for a different color and 3 of the button holds for a color and the 4th hold for off. So 7 colors and off. Thing is I’m using Rule Machine which is no longer available. Not sure if Smart Lighting can do the same.

Yeah, i was able to create a virtual switch for each color, however, I want to create a routine that triggers those switches.

The problem is that I can’t activate that routine with Amazon Echo because Echo doesn’t recognize routines. However, I found a work around which is creating a virtual switch that triggers the routine.

So how would I do that?

Thanks so much

That’s nice…But there is also LightPack which I have been keeping my eyes on for a while now.

If you are using Kodi you can also just use Hue lights:

My example:


If you’re using a computer, try: