LED Accent lighting for Flat Screen TV?

(Sean Vreeland) #1

So I’m looking to add LED accent lighting to my Samsung 55 TV. I’ve been looking at this:

My only question would be, how would I control it with ST?! It has IR, so I could do it thru Harmony, so, just wondering if there’s an easier solution?


(Paul) #2

This plus any 3 or 4 color LED tape. Superbright LED makes some. So does Environmental Lights.

Hue also makes a led tape product, but you need a hue hub (and fingers to cross for the ST/Hue integration)

(Sean Vreeland) #3

@NorCalLights, so how does your product integrate with ST? IR?

(Paul) #4

It’s a zwave device. Check out that thread, or look at the specs on Fibaro’s website.

(Sean Vreeland) #5

Okay, Great! Ordering now!

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #6

I have a Hue LED strip working in my setup.

(Bernie H) #7

Here you go. Cheap and works great with ST.


(mytaytay) #8


Completely agree with this recommendation… Cheap and works great with ST. I have mine set to turn on /off whenever my TV goes on /off.

(Jon Rohan) #9

This is the cheapest I have found:

(Justin Wurth) #10

Ambivision look it up, works as screen capture.

(Martin) #11

I’m waiting on a Kickstarter to show up for this, looks like it’s automated from tv signal (hdmi) so hopefully set it and forget it. Will share once I have it.

(Justin Wurth) #12

Here is ambivision on a 106" screen.

It adds a great effect and can do audio mode for music.

(Cyrus I) #13

Remember there is a theory to this and eventhough all the colorful lights look fun, its not really helping your cause. It needs to be 7200k. Get the antec lighting on Amazon, after a deep dive of research, thats what I went with for mine.

I have 3 of them on my 75". They all connect into this lightweight USB hub I have on the back of my tv. I ran an extension USB cord from that hub behind my wall down to where my components are. Plugged that into a dongle, and then into a z-wave plug. Put the plug as a thing on SmartThings and then have Echo pick it up. Alexa, turn on the bias lighting…bingo

(Sean Vreeland) #14

what’s the best smartapp to use with the Osram Lightify? Not finding much?

(Benji) #15

You could build your own ambilight clone using an RPi + WS2812 / APA102 LED strip + Hyperion.

The best thing about this is that @Kristopher built a DTH for Hyperion so not only can you use it as an ambilight clone but you can also use it as a ‘RGB bulb’ in SmartThings if you weren’t watching TV or just wanted to set it to be a standard light instead of an ambilight all the time:


(Sean Vreeland) #16

I got the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex. It’s awesome, however I’m trying to create a switch that will turn my LED panel on to a certain color with one action. I think the best way to do this create a virtual switch and set it to the color and fade I want, yes?

Is this the best way to do this?

(Bernie H) #17

An Aeon Minimote works well for this and usually $10 if you hunt around. I have each button press set up for a different color and 3 of the button holds for a color and the 4th hold for off. So 7 colors and off. Thing is I’m using Rule Machine which is no longer available. Not sure if Smart Lighting can do the same.

(Sean Vreeland) #18

Yeah, i was able to create a virtual switch for each color, however, I want to create a routine that triggers those switches.

The problem is that I can’t activate that routine with Amazon Echo because Echo doesn’t recognize routines. However, I found a work around which is creating a virtual switch that triggers the routine.

So how would I do that?

Thanks so much

(Vic Singh) #19

That’s nice…But there is also LightPack which I have been keeping my eyes on for a while now.

(Jon Rohan) #20

If you are using Kodi you can also just use Hue lights:

My example:


If you’re using a computer, try: