MiLight - Anyone know? Would it integrate with ST

I found these lights on Amazon when seeing if there were alternatives to the Hue due to costs. Came across these:

$73 for 4 bulbs and a wifi controller, Could the controller integrate with ST?

The price is great but I am worried that they are a cheap product from China that are low quality.

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Seriously my 2 cents: buy few but buy the hue quality. Only complaint with those are they should be brighter and statuses does not update on ST if switched on via some other app.

Unfortunately, no. They use UDP protocol, so the ST hub cannot talk directly to their wifi bridge.

I have the MiLight controller for LED strips.

It isn’t a bad controller, however it does not turn on both the white and color LEDs at the same time which I can do with a cheaper IR controller.

Hue bulbs are only RGB which lacks true white capability which some find annoying. However, at least they work with SmartThings.

Hue Lux is white-only:

True, but Hue has no RGBW light like the MiLight.

FWIW we don’t support Lux at this time.

@tyler but then how come it did work for me with ST via the hue hub with no issues. Would have confirmed this but I have swapped it for hue couple of weeks back. I had two of those on a table lamp (always on).

I might be thinking of just the direct ZigBee pairing. I don’t have one here to test right now - but do you happen to remember if it exposed the color wheel like on a regular Hue bulb?

Unfortunately don’t remember.