[OBSOLETE] leakSMART Water Sensor

This device type is for the leakSMART Water Sensor. We’ve finally worked out the bugs and it is ready for release. This device can be a bit “interesting” to get it to begin the pairing process or reset if needed. Keep in mind that it is a ZigBee device so don’t bother trying to exclude it if you have trouble. A few of us picked up a bunch of these on clearance at Home Depot for $18 each. Also, if interested @krlaframboise wrote a device type for the leakSmart valve.

Installation via GitHub Integration

  1. Open SmartThings IDE in your web browser and log into your account.
  2. Click on the “My Device Types” section in the navigation bar.
  3. Click on “Settings”.
  4. Click “Add New Repository”.
  5. Enter “ericvitale” as the namespace.
  6. Enter “ST-leakSmart-Sensor” as the repository.
  7. Hit “Save”.
  8. Select “Update from Repo” and select “ST-leakSmart-Sensor”.
  9. Select “leaksmart-sensor.groovy”.
  10. Check “Publish” and hit “Execute”.

Manual Installation (if that is your thing)

  1. Open SmartThings IDE in your web browser and log into your account.
  2. Click on the “My Device Types” section in the navigation bar.
  3. On your Device Types page, click on the “+ New Device Type” button on the right. 4 . On the “New Device Type” page, Select the Tab “From Code” , Copy the “leaksmart-sensor.groovy” source code from GitHub and paste it into the IDE editor window.
  4. Click the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the page. An IDE editor window containing device handler template should now open.
  5. Click the blue “Save” button above the editor window.
  6. Click the “Publish” button next to it and select “For Me”. You have now self-published your Device Handler.

Pairing the Device

This device is a bit interesting to get it to pair. I’ve seen a few scenarios happen. Here is what I generally do: 1. Get your ST app into pairing mode. 2. Open the battery cover and remove one of the batteries. 3. Hold down the button insert the battery. Immediatly unpress the button and you should get a long beep (1 second). 4. Wait a second and then long press the button 2-3 seconds, after that it should start beeping and be discovered by ST. If it is not discovered by ST, try again. If still not discovered, press the button a few times quickly. 5. ST should find it quickly once in pairing mode. If after you setup the device on ST it is still beeping, something went wrong. Delete the device from ST and reset it (hold the button for 5+ seconds, sometimes you have to do this more than once) and start over.


This code is by no means 100% all my work. This device handler is the work of @dhelm2, @John_Luikart, & @krlaframboise.


Great work, thank you for your contribution. Installed about 8 of these, since HD sold them for $18 a pop :wink:

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Same except my HD only had 6. Amazon has the valve (3/4)" + 1 sensor for $90. I need 1".

I have a 3/4" at $73. I have 3 HDs around me - the 8 were a combination of two of the three stores. The third store was empty…

Just curious what section within HD are you finding these sensors. Clearence stuff is spread all over my local stores and it would be helpful to know whether to go to plumbing or electrical.

I have two Home Depot close to me and they are different for both. However they are both end caps close to the electrical section. It isn’t like the whole home automation section is on sale. If you ask a sales person where the home automation stuff is you will likely find it. It is separate from where they have the regular lutron switches and stuff. The yellow tags denote that it is on sale / clearance. Here is the long running Home Depot thread…

They were at their regular spot, along with all other HA items, close to the electrical, end of isle, They had yellow labels, $18 down from $69.

Thank you!

thanks… have 12 of these sensors that i have purchased over the last few months (ranging from $40 down to $18)

Time to move them from Wink to ST…

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I have 6. I need 3 more.


i saw some for sale on a Facebook HA trading group, not sure if you are interested in making an offer to them

Search for “Wink , ST, HA, IoT User Trading & Sale Post” in FB to join the group…


Thanks, just requested to join.

Here was a couple good deals. Problem is most of those guys are selling for $30. I just ordered 3 from Amazon for $28 each free shipping. I’d rather pay Amazon and be able to return a broken sensor.

I’ve added the device type, and paired the leaksmart sensor. I am getting temp and battery level. The temp has been updating since the device paired. However, I do not get any changes when the device detects water.

I was able to pair the device in the ST app, but no temp, battery level, or water detection.

@phil42 & @genghis.tron - Can you repair and post the logs? Also, before you do that, try removing the battery and reinserting. I have 3 more sensors that will be here Thursday, so I’ll attempt to pair a “never before paired” sensor then.

@genghis.tron - I hope you don’t mind me making our conversation public so others can see…

If the device itself is not beeping it could be a device issue. Don’t test initially with water is, use a wire to bridge the contacts. It takes 5-7 seconds for the device to go off. I initially tried testing with water and it was messy and the water did’t always touch the leads (unless it was a lot).

Initially it started beeping after being paired, I had to pull the battery’s and remove from the ST app. Then it paired with no information with no beeping this time. I did connect the contacts with a piece of metal yesterday and the alarm went off without communication to my ST app.

I will try to re-pair a third time tonight

When you do this, make sure you have the logging window open so you can capture the logs. Post them here.