Centralite water leak detector

Here’s a issue I can’t figure out. I’ve done test on the leak detector and it’s working. BUT it’s only sending notification to my wife’s phone NOT me or my SIL phone I deleted it and reset it. Samething gave up and put it back in the water heater room about to go on VC. It’s odd that I can see it working right BUT not sending me or SIL notification. I have no routine setup for it didn’t think i needed to because it worked fine. So I thought maybe my wife’s has a routine setup NOPE then why is this thing NOT sending a notification to me and SIL.

Do you have SmartThings Home Monitor installed? Have you set up your notifications in settings for it?

Assuming, of course, if STHM is available in your region.

NO none of that is setup. When I first installed it. It would send me a notification and it worked. So the way I look at it if it was working before why did it quit working now. Other than on my wife’s phone it works just like it was without Life Monitor.

You should checkout STHM i(if available in your region). You can set up which devices you wish to use… all or individually select. From there, you can define what actions to take when security, leak or smoke issues are detected. You can set up notifications by speaker; SMS (if available in your region); and push notifications for events either to everyone or individuals.

This is one of a limited number of device notifications that appear from who knows where. I can’t remember what the other ones are, if I’ve ever known. Possibly low battery is or was one.

Anyway these are the things that are enabled/disabled by the individual device toggles in ‘Notification settings’ in the app. So my initial thought was to assume that you still had the master Notifications setting enabled (if you haven’t then this would be the likely problem) but you might have chosen to tidy up the device settings thinking they didn’t do anything. However if you deleted the device, rather than just reset and paired it again, the setting would default to enabled.