Laundry Monitor

You would have to look at the device type to confirm, but a different app could have any number of reasons. They might have done the same modification that @tslagle13 spoke of to only run it once every X seconds. If you check the logs in the IDE and watch the device report, you’ll likely see it report multiple times on the same second.

I am getting “java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException” error message at this line. Any ideas? I am using this version.

’ runIn(cycle_end_wait * 60, cycleOff)’

I installed your app (great job writing it) but its not pulling or refreshing when the Wattage changes… any suggestions?

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@tslagle13 Any chance you can share the code you put in the device type that stops it from repeating 3x?

I also would really like to stop the notifications times 3. Can anybody help?

Here’s my SmartApp that removes the extra notifications.

It’s similar to the app written by @sudarkoff but doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that his has. The main thing that is stopping the notifications is the use of atomicState within the code so I’m certain his could also be adapted. It’s way easier for me to just link the one I use though, heh.


@bmmiller would it be possible to get a speech alert added? I was using Better Laundry Monitor but the duplicate notifications are too much.

@byoung I added the speechAlert code from @sudarkoff to my own app but I don’t have a device to test this with so have no way of confirming if it will work, but it should.

The other option for you and anyone else is to take @sudarkoff’s and manually replace all instances of “state” with the word “atomicState” and you might find that the notifications stop for you by simply making that change.

@bmmiller I been using your app for a while and try to update to the new one and I get this error

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14378289191591325777855.hideOptionsSection() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 38

any idea?

@llcanada Sorry about that, grab the new code and try again. Keep in mind though, the update you grabbed only added the speechAlert because it was requested, nothing else was changed so if you don’t want that, then you could remain on the previous code.

(I am still just ripping off @sudarkoff, don’t think I can state that enough and want to make sure he’s aware)

@bmmiller Thanks got it and it took. Thanks I been using your app and its working for me. Thanks again for the quick reply.

@bmmiller is it suppose to look for sono’s or another speaker as nothing shows up in my app? I have Sono’s. Thanks for your help

@llcanada Pushed another small update. Again, I don’t have any speech devices so I can’t test this.

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@bmmiller Just installed this. It did speak through my Ubi, but it said this instead of the message I had entered in the app: 2aec7d4a

Any ideas?

Line 88


needs to be change to


@byoung Should be good now. @kevintierney is obviously correct. That’s what I get for poor proofreading.

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I would also recommend changing it to something like

 if (speech) { 

This way, it won’t throw an error in the log if the user hasn’t specified a speech option

Someone really needs to get this published - it works so much better than the sensor attached to the washing machine if you have a front loader like I do.


Hi there,

I tried to use this code and it wasn’t working for me. Maybe i didn’t do it right. My washer turns off completely after it’s done. How do i get notify when it’s done? What do i put in under “Minimum running wattage” and “Minimum amount of below wattage time to trigger off”? I got confused at the system variables… Please help. Thanks much.
By the way, i have one of the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch - DSC06106.

Minimum running wattage depends on the washer but a good baseline is probably 4W. This means whenever the washer is running, it is using at least 4W. Chances are it is using much more than that, but this is meant to help with false positives mid-cycle if the washer cycle changes and power usage dips well below normal running wattage.

Minimum amount of below wattage time to trigger off means how long does the washer need to report below the minimum running wattage, above I said 4W, before we say it is off for good. A good number to start with here is probably 60 seconds.

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