Laundry Monitor

I think I got it working but, My Washer is a Samsung Front loader about 8 years old, When Its done it drops and stays at 4Watts but it also drops down to 4 watts several times during the wash cycle. Any Ideas on what I can do. I don’t care about the dryer, I just need a reminder to move the clothes to the dryer, because if they sit in the washer for more than a half a day the usually need to be rewashed and then I forget all over again, Its a Viscous Cycle sometimes :smile:

The first thing that comes to mind is just “patience”; i.e., if it “drops to 4 Watts” during the cycle, I presume those “drops” are relatively short term in nature (a minute? a few minutes?). Thus, the notification SmartApp could be written to start a timer (or a runIn()) to recheck the power level after perhaps 5 minutes, and another “random” minutes, to get a high confidence level that the cycle is finished.

The reason for random is to avoid someone synchronizing with the machine’s “low power phases” that are in a possibly periodic pattern while a load is still active.

random question, would it be possible to customize the device type of the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS? for example, right now my washer and dryer always show up as on. I undestand thats because its a switch. I would love to have the device report on while the machines are actually running. I would then like to add it to Lights and switches. hope my question made sense.

Sounds like you want a modified device type to report the state as off when it’s not in use. This isn’t really anything to do with the smartapp though.

I thought there was a modified device type around that would “turn off” the switch and allow the device to be used solely as a meter.

I think the catch with that though is that it wouldn’t survive a power outage, and you would have to physically go and turn the device on if there was a power problem. I’m not sure if that’s a terrible inconvenience though, since chances are that you would be visiting the machine at some point to load / unload it anyway :smile:

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@mattjfrank you are correct. @viguera thanks i am going to try and find.

My ulimate goal is to connect my aplliances to smartthings like washer/dryer (using meter) and dishwasher (using a multisense). May also do fridge with a meter and mulitsensor.


I have used your App and it works fine (thanks for the effort) with one exception it generates three push and text messages at the conclusion of the cycle. Any thoughts on what might be causing this behavior.


I believe this is actually the device type reporting the state change 3 times. I’m experiencing it as well on a highly modified version of this SmartApp.


I Added a tag in the code to only allow it to run every once per minute.

Interestingly enough when I use “Yet another power monitor” the device only sends a single alert. This app is not as reliable as this one.

You would have to look at the device type to confirm, but a different app could have any number of reasons. They might have done the same modification that @tslagle13 spoke of to only run it once every X seconds. If you check the logs in the IDE and watch the device report, you’ll likely see it report multiple times on the same second.

I am getting “java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException” error message at this line. Any ideas? I am using this version.

’ runIn(cycle_end_wait * 60, cycleOff)’

I installed your app (great job writing it) but its not pulling or refreshing when the Wattage changes… any suggestions?

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@tslagle13 Any chance you can share the code you put in the device type that stops it from repeating 3x?

I also would really like to stop the notifications times 3. Can anybody help?

Here’s my SmartApp that removes the extra notifications.

It’s similar to the app written by @sudarkoff but doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that his has. The main thing that is stopping the notifications is the use of atomicState within the code so I’m certain his could also be adapted. It’s way easier for me to just link the one I use though, heh.


@bmmiller would it be possible to get a speech alert added? I was using Better Laundry Monitor but the duplicate notifications are too much.

@byoung I added the speechAlert code from @sudarkoff to my own app but I don’t have a device to test this with so have no way of confirming if it will work, but it should.

The other option for you and anyone else is to take @sudarkoff’s and manually replace all instances of “state” with the word “atomicState” and you might find that the notifications stop for you by simply making that change.

@bmmiller I been using your app for a while and try to update to the new one and I get this error

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14378289191591325777855.hideOptionsSection() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] @ line 38

any idea?

@llcanada Sorry about that, grab the new code and try again. Keep in mind though, the update you grabbed only added the speechAlert because it was requested, nothing else was changed so if you don’t want that, then you could remain on the previous code.

(I am still just ripping off @sudarkoff, don’t think I can state that enough and want to make sure he’s aware)