Latest model Nest Doorbell (battery) supported by SmartThings?

When I try to resync my Nest devices with SmartThings, only my 3rd generation Nest Thermostat is showing up. My freshly installed Nest Doorbell (battery) which I have hardwired is not available for selection.

unfortunately not. Google announced when it was release it wouldn’t work with external services like Alexa or SmartThings :-1:

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Wow. That is unfortunate. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that the 2nd generation Nest doorbell would be supported.

Already installed and drilled the holes. Bummer.

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What the? Not supported? Google is the worst. Smartthings is almost as bad. Of course it’s not supported. Google just turned on their smartthings integration in January. Abandoning it this soon is just a slap in the face.

They have not “abandoned” it, they simply have not added that new doorbell to the integration at this point. Be patient! :slight_smile: