Last two Zwave devices added as "connected insecurely" and don't show up in device list - Why?

The last two devices I’ve added to my hub have connected in insecure mode.

Both are ZWave devices, one is a wall-wart plug (Eva Logik ZWave Plus), and the second is a GE Dimmer switch (ZWave). Both were added w/the new app. I get the screen below during the device add.

Skip: If I select Skip I have to back up through the screens and the device doesn’t show up in my device list.

Exclude: If I select Exclude it just tells me that I need to follow the required steps to exclude the device. When I exclude the device and try again, the device repeatedly show this inecure connect warning during the join process.

Appreciate any help w/this, I’ve never seen this type of problem before.

I can help a bit, but I don’t know the full story. I’ve seen the same thing when I recently transitioned devices rom Wink to ST. I believe that newer zwave devices have a S2 security protocol and a related device specific code (or QR). For the one device where I had the 4 digit pin code written down, I was able to key it in while including the device and it worked and shows up as secured. I cheated and used the same code on other devices (as they were previously installed and the QR code behind the wall plate on the switch) and they installed as unsecured. Later I bought two new devices where I had the original box with the code and the pin. The QR install did not work on these, but when I used the pin code, I was able to install both of them securely.

Thanks, @homeagain, very much for your reply and background…I had also continued to search and found some of that info in some other posts here as well, but very helpful to see your summary/experience.

I returned the dimmer switch that was trying to join insecurely (though I had ordered a nomal switch, a dimmer switch was erroneously included in a normal switch box - Amazon Warehouse used deal). I received the replacement Honeywell Zwave Plus regular switch today, and it installed and completed the S2 security addition normally (though a new process to me - been quite a while since I’ve added any new switches).

The one problem remaining is that it appears that when you add a switch that does not have S2 security, there is no path in the device add path in the new ST app that allows the device add to complete. I can only back out of the device add flow, and I end up w/the insecure device not showing up in my device list.

When you installed insecure devices in the new ST app, were you able to complete the addition of the insecure device(s)? As I noted previously, when you hit the Skip button in the screen shot above there is no way to finish adding/naming the device. Something seems broken here in the new SmartThings app w/adding insecure devices.

EDIT: I did eventually find the first device I added recently that added insecurely (a Zwave plug) in my device list finally - it added as a generic “Z wave device.” I never did find the GE Dimmer switch that added insecurely over two days of looking for it in my list, including looking for it adding as a generic device. Though I could not find it in my device list, I was able to remove it via normal Z Wave exclusion, which was odd. I removed it yesterday when the new swtich arrived. So that second device (GE Dimmer Switch) never seemed to show up in my device list, but the first one (Eva Logik plug) did.

I ran into the same issues with being “stuck”. It appears there are several modes: S2_authenticated, s2_unauthenticated, and legacy_non_secure. It appears, the latter goes in with out the prompt, and without being stuck. The authenticated includes only if you have the newer devices and correct code. For unauthenticated, it appears there are multiple paths to get in which may vary by device? As I indicated earlier, I used the wrong code for some of them (Z wave dimmer) and they were included and looking at some other devices, they appeared to include but are unauthenticated, although I either had the code (and it didn’t work), or it included directly. It does seems like there should be a cleaner method for S2 devices to skip this step up front and/or allow this to be added later (for instance if the code didn’t work). There may be good reasons why this wouldn’t work though that as a ST newbie I’m unaware of.

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