Landscape Lighting Easy Automation


(Scttq) #1

Wanted to pass along an easy landscape lighting automation solution. Many (most?) landscape lighting transformers have in internal 120V pigtail plug and socket so a timer device can be used to control the lighting. Ours had a self adjust astronomical timer so it was pretty low maintenance as it was but there were times when we were entertaining that I wanted easy direct control.

I had some GE 14284 outdoor plug-in switches purchased for Xmas lighting but figured since I had them, why not try to use them. I unplugged the transformer astro timer, put in the GE outdoor switches, and closed the stainless steel enclosure back up. I had assumed that the metal enclosure would block/contain the zwave signal but to my amazement it didn’t!

Now we have all our outside lighting on the same automation routines, very happy with it!

(Brian Sullivan) #2

What landscape lighting transformer do you have?

(Scttq) #3

Mine are both Cast brand but I’m pretty sure the general design is the same for most decent quality landscape light transformers.

(Brian) #4

Do you have any links or pictures of your setup?