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Transformer on smart outlet in garage


I plan to install 45W transformer for low voltage landscape lighting inside the garage. Just 5 spot lights and 1 transformer. I don’t want the transformer outside, as I don’t like to see that ugly box. I will not use its photo cell, but would like to control when it turns on and off.

Instead of programming the transformer, I am thinking I could leave it on ON all the time but connect it to a smart outlet. That way I can program on my phone when the lights turn on/off, and not have to adjust the program on the transformer for different sunset times of the year.

Can I connect transformer for low voltage landscape lighting to any z wave smart outlet?
Is it just a regular smart outlet I would use for anything in the house, or does it need to be ‘special’ because it connects to this transformer?
Does it have to be GSI outlet if it’s in the garage?
Is it an issue that the power to the transformer is just turned on/off like that every day? I am thinking I wouldn’t want my computer loosing power every day, so maybe it’s not good for the transformer either.

Or can I use Plug-In Smart Switch like this one?


Is your transformer hardwired or plug in? Does it accept 120v? What type of lites will you be using?

(Larry) #3

i have two of mine connected to a zwave smart outlet… but it is outdoors. so i put in a regular ge outlet and put in in an outdoor enclousre… works ifne, but your yard lighting devices need to have a setting to turn on whenever power is applied most do. Just add up the wattage of all the bulbs and make sure they dont exceed your swithch… i have about 12 15w bulbs and it works fine.


Thanks for the response.
Here is the transformer I have
It is a plug-in, to a regular 110V outlet.
I am using 5 of these LED lights, 4.5W (20W equivalent)


Thank you Larry,
I’ll only have 5-6 LED lights, and they add up to not even 30W. That z-wave plug in switch can take at least 600W:
“600 watts (Incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or ½ HP Motor.”

I don’t know about that setting on the lights. Is there a name for that setting?
I don’t think these lights that I have have any setting on them.

(Larry) #6

Its not the lights that have the setting, its the box that plugs into the outlet


Does that transformer even turn on automatically when it is powered? It looks like you have to set it up when you plug it in.


Thanks Ryan,
Yes, I think it does. Someone on that product page asked if there is a function to leave this turned on at all times, powered on by a master circuit. There is apparently a manual on/off mode that will allow that.