Landscape view for iPad in the new app is finally here

I don’t use the new app on my iPad very often because it never had landscape view. I opened it today and finally it does. It must have come out with the new app. Now if the developers can just get my Arlo cameras working again everything would be close to perfect. It has been over two months since they stopped recording when a door contact or another motion sensor is activated. Please work on that now.

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There’s a another thread floating around somewhere that says this function now requires Arlo’s paid service.

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That’s interesting about the paid service. I have called Arlo and told them about my problem and they said everything is OK on their end. Smart Things support hasn’t even brought that up. Last time I talked to them they told me I should try to use a Galaxy phone instead of an iPhone. The whole thing used to work until the day they did a firmware upgrade in late August. I have asked them to restore my hub to the old firmware to see if that helps. No word on that yet.

Yes, Quite a surprise to me. I’ve asked about this a number of times. I feel like it is 2019. I don’t know of too many apps that only work in portrait mode.

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I have never seen any one report that their hub has been downgraded to an older firmware version.

Have you tried removing/reinstalling your Arlo devices and integration to see if it resolves the issue? Major hassle.

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, deleted, and added back. I’ve done everything they have asked me to do. AlI I have asked is that it works like it did for the last year until late August. They just keep doing App updates instead of making sure things work like they should. My alarm went off while I was in Germany last week and not one recording from six Arlo cameras. Luckily it was a false alarm from a motion sensor which is another topic. I could live without landscape mode for the new app. I would love it if my cameras would work as programmed.

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