Landscape Lighting low voltage Switch/Sensor

I have a low voltage (12V-24V) landscape lights system running from a single transformer with multiple runs (outputs). Each run supplies a specific zone; front, back, lower patio, upper patio, etc… I don’t always want to have ALL the lights on at the same time. I am currently using a plug in smart switch behind the transformer but that only facilitates control of the transformer which turns all lights on or off. Is there a low voltage (12V-24V) smart device that could connect inline on each run to facilitate controlling zones individually? Think of it like valves for sprinkler zones.

Hi Gino, how many lamps / what load is connected to 1 run?

The switch/relay can be mounted near the transformer and supplied with 110/220Vac?

Orvibo zigbee multifunction (power) relay 5Amp

ZigBee multi-functional relay is designed to control to motors of railway curtain, electric window, garage door and garden irrigation devices. The ZigBee multi-functional relay communicates with the ZigBee hub and receive zigbee control signal. With the multi-functional relay, users can open or close railway curtain, electric window, garage door and garden irrigation devices by HomeMate App on the smartphone.
Three working modes: high voltage mode, low voltage mode, power relay mode.

The ITL-3500 popped up when I searched for a Zigbee relay. It isn’t a Zigbee device, so it is not suitable for this purpose. I’m sorry!

What works for sure is this Zwave module with 2 outputs. Connect this to 2 transformers.

Because it’s Z-Wave, check for the proper frequency!

Grtn Ben