Z-Wave Low Voltage Relay Suggestions


I have a fairly extensive low voltage LED lighting setup around my house that today simply goes back to the power supply as a single circuit. I would like to break this into zones and control through Smart Things, but I am finding solutions lacking in this space. Either they are one circuit solutions requiring multiple units which would add bulk and cost or they are just light switches. I have tried some stand-alone solutions with reasonable success, but were prefer it be integrated with the rest of the house.

Does anyone know of a product that has multiple relays and is Z-Wave enabled?


This sounds like a job for an Arduino with the SmartThings shield and a relay board.


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Fibaro rgbw module can be used that way

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Thanks Jolerius, I am actually giving that a try right now.

I was planning on six zones, so it never occurred to me that RGBW equals four zones, but once I looked at the documentation, it is a quite capable and flexible device. Received my unit a couple days ago and it is really tiny (which makes it challenging to use with larger gauge wiring) and has no mount points, which I am solving by 3D printing a bracket.

Will be testing it this weekend.

How I this relay working? Does it require an added Device Handler? I’m looking to get one to power a motion sensor light