Low Voltage control of multiple remote Landscape Lights

I have a 300 W landscape transformer on my patio that is controlled by a z-wave switch (fully programmable with remote on/off via a Nexia bridge). Attached to the transformer’s 12 V output is a single buried line that runs 150 ft to a remote area where it is attached to 4 simple manual on/off switches powering 4 separate low wattage LED lighting zones. I do not change the individual switches often and the system works well but I would like to replace the manual switches with something that I can control remotely. I would prefer z-wave but I do not want to run either a 120 V power line or 3 additional 12 V lines out to the remote area.

Any suggestions of what I can replace the manual switches with to better automate this setup?

Thanks in advance for any help.


If I understand what you’re asking for and you’re in the US, this should do it for 3 zones, so you would need two of them to cover 4. Check the specs to be sure, though.

If you’re not in the US, let us know, as the device selection does vary.

Alternatively, you can use a battery powered switch cover on the switches themselves, and then the voltage doesn’t matter.

See the following discussion (The topic title is a clickable link)

You might have to switch out the existing dumb switches for a different style of dumb switch so you get something that the actuator can physically move, but it’s a decent approach for some similar use cases. :sunglasses: