Kwikset Zwave module replacement?

Got most of my setup up and running, coming over from Iris. The only thing that is very inconsistent is my kwikset lock, even after adding Iris 3210-L switches, having them paired to enable the repeater function, and running countless zwave repairs. It just randomly goes “unavailable”, but comes back online if I remove the battery pack for a few seconds and put it back in.

I have a universal device handler on it currently. It seems to eat batteries really, really fast. The weird thing is, in the IDE, it is called a " KwikSet SmartCode 910 Contemporary Deadbolt Door Lock Device", even though it’s not a deadbolt. It’s a lever style lock. Not sure if that’s because it currently has a different device handler, or something else.

My question is, since the lock is fairly old, should I upgrade to a zwave plus module? If so, are they literally plug and play?

I would assume if I can just remove the old module after deleting the device from my ADT ST system, I plug in the new module, pair the device and I’m good to go?

Thanks for reading, this forum has been amazing to get me up and running from my Iris setup. I’ve pretty quickly learned the daunting task of using the IDE, adding custom apps and device handlers, and even successfully added some webcore pistons to improve my lock/ADT system.

You should talk to Kwikset support about potential module replacement. It may be a physically different shape. Or @rboy might know. :sunglasses:

If you can swap out the module it will be treated as an entirely new device, so you would need to rebuild any of your pistons or automations that referred to the lock previously.


Gotcha, that makes sense. Is it safe to say having this be a zwave plus instead of my current zwave would improve the lock from losing connection and eating batteries?

The Zwave module has went bad. This is becoming a common thing lately. Many reports of the same issue. You can switch over to the Zigbee module buying this kit and just using the module. Look for the used one.*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Kwikset is a budget brand. (Ask any locksmith.) It has budget brand problems. :disappointed_relieved:

Schlage, Yale, and August are all higher quality, but priced accordingly. Your choice. :wink:


Switching to zigbee, I assume I would probably need some zigbee repeaters closer to the lock? Not entirely sure if my Iris 3210-L plugs located close to the lock repeats both protocols?

The only reason I have the kwikset, is it was the only option for me at the time with the Iris system. To justify spending another $200+ on a lock again, just to make it convenient to have the door unlocked when I get home just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I wish there were other options at the time.

They natively work as Zigbee repeaters work great as so. You need a custom DTH (Device Type Handler) for them to work as Z-Wave…(at least the last I knew). If you installed the 3210-L plug to work as a Z-Wave repeater and did not install the custom DTH then you its not repeating Z-Wave…Might want to check on that first.

Wish I would have know this before I invested in 4 of them! :pensive: Given the issues, I must agree though.


It’s more reliable as a ZigBee repeater. Many folks have reported issues with them as a Z-Wave repeater. I would personally avoid using them as Z-Wave repeaters.


Cool, thanks for the info. I have them paired as two devices running the separate device handler.

Agreed. I don’t use them as Z-Wave repeaters either.

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I was also reading that if you have a zwave kwikset lock, you can’t change to a zwave plus for some reason. I can’t find a definitive answer if this is true or not, or even if that actually improves anything in the first place.

I first tried swapping my zwave module with a zwave plus and although it paired, it would not send manual lock/unlock back to ST. It also had other unexplained issues…Got a regular zwave replacement and all was well.

Also changes out one of the zwave to zigbee and did not have any issues.


Does this apply to the 3210-2L as well? I am having issues with running Zwave repairs and they natively installed as Zwave Range Exetenders.

Guessing I need to find something else to use as repeaters for my lock as well.

That plug has reported issue with z-wave repeating and generally isn’t recommended as a repeater. I cannot speak for the -2L version. Any mains powered Z-Wave Plus device should work as a repeater. Check out this post for more details: