Replacing with the same device (Lock Issues)

I’m having some issues following replacement of 4 switches. I installed new Zwave Plus devices right next to door locks and other wireless devices that weren’t reliably changing state.

I’ve run a repair 3 times with no luck. I wanted to remove and re-add the locks and see if that did anything. When doing the Zwave repair I don’t see anything in the log about the locks. I thought removing and re-adding them might force an update or something.

Anyway, when I do a “replace” with the same device, how does that work since it’s already added? Just go into Replace and I’ll be able to add it although it’s already added?

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What is the make and model of the locks that are giving you trouble?

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I guess that would have been helpful. :grinning:

The front door is a Kwikset 99100-079 SmartCode 910 (Zwave Plus) and the garage entry door is a Kwikset Kwikset 99120-038 SmartCode 912 (Zwave Plus).

The garage entry door lock is literally 1’ from a Zooz ZEN27 and 10’ from a GoControl GD00Z.

The front door is 2’ from a Zooz ZEN27 and 3’ from a Aeotec ZW096 (Smart Switch)

Everything is listed as supporting beaming according to the compliance statements I found.
Thanks for the help. I’d really like to get $400 worth of locks working.

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I think @RBoy may have some experience with these locks.

Replace is currently broken. It’s best to start afresh if you’re having so much trouble. Reboot the hub, exclude and re pair the locks and switches.

Maybe I’m just expecting too much. Things seem to be inconsistent. I have 4 recessed door sensors. Each sensor is within 2’ of its respective light switch. A piston is set up to turn on the light when the door is open and off when the door is closed.

If I open and close the door 10 times, it works maybe 7 times. Of those 7 times, maybe 5 are instant and the other 2 take between 3 - 5 seconds.

Now that I’ve re-paired the locks, they work about the same as the other stuff, which is 70% of the time.

Am I expecting too much from this system?

As for my system, I’ve tired everything I’ve read and nothing seems to change. I’ve read about rogue devices, but no clue how you go about finding one.

My system (hub is in the center of the basement):

4 x Linear / GoControl WD500Z-1 Switches
7 x Zooz Zen25 Double Plugs
9 x GE 14294 Dimmers
2 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensors

1st Floor:

Master Bedroom / Bathroom

1 x GE 12722
2 x Linear / GoControl Dimmers
1 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensor

Family Room:

Aeotec SmartSwtich 6ZW096


2 x Zooz Zen27 Dimmer
1 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensor

Living Room

1 x Aeotec ZW096
1 x Zooz Zen27 Dimmer
1 x Kwikset 910


1 x Zen27 Dimmer
2 x GoControl / Linear GD00Z
1 x Kwikset 912

I have a ton of devices spread all over the house in both the basement and 1st floor. There isn’t currently anything on the 2nd floor, but we honestly don’t really use that floor of the house.

Almost everything I have is wired and listed as supporting beaming. But I’m constantly running into either delays, or devices that work intermittently. I’ve done repairs, reboots, removal and re-additions.

I’m just hoping if someone can tell me if I’m expecting too much?