Kwikset Zigbee Convert - Disable AutoLock?

Hi all,

I just bought a Zigbee version of the Kwikset Convert from Amazon on a Warehouse Deal for $40. Sweet deal, right? It works pretty well but I am trying to figure out how to disable the autolock feature. It’s pretty annoying. I have installed the Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock handler and I see the tile that reads ‘Autolock Enabled’ but when I push it, nothing happens.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Did yours come with instructions (not trying to sound like a jerk, really)? That feature is set by a dipswitch on the unit itself, so you should be able to turn it off.

Nope, no instructions, nothing. I did know about the dipswitch, which is what what driving me nuts!!

That being said, I figured it out. It was a bad device handler I was using. Turned out all I needed was the Zigbee generic lock handler. I was trying to get too fancy with a Kwikset lock handler. Plain old device handler worked like a charm. I wound up buying four more for the house and outfitted every lock in the house. Thanks for replying back though!!

Glad to hear you got it fixed. I’ve been running the generic handler, may explain why I didn’t see that problem. I’ve seen these things pop up more recently for really low money, may grab them for the other deadbolts too