Kwikset lock is now blacklisted and showing as Blocked!

Hi Everyone,

Is anyone else having issues with their Kwikset locks? It seems that Smartthings used to support these locks but now have blacklisted them and they do not work anymore. They are now showing “blocked!” on the app and in the IDE they are showing as blacklisted device.

I have never had an issue with these locks and got them on the recommendation of Smartthings Marketplace. It seems a little unfair if Samsung have just decided to force us to chuck these expensive locks in the bin.

Does anyone have the same problem as me?

I have two Kwikset 910s (you don’t mention your models) and I do not see anything like you are describing.

I’ve never seen nor heard of devices being ‘blacklisted’ in SmartThings.


Kwikset models are still on the official “works with smartthings” list

What version of the smartthings hub do you have? And which app are you using?

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I have the kwikset Smartcode 912.

I have fixed the issue by changing it from “blacklisted device” to “zigbee lock” in IDE but i thought that it was a bit rude to just stop locks from working in smartthings

Also just noted that my exact lock is still on the works with smartthings page…

firmware version is 000.020.00017 and i am using the smartthings app for iphone.

I have a 912 which is working fine.

Well I learned something new. I had not heard of blacklisted devices in ST until you posted the link.

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Same here. First I’ve ever heard of black listing.

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Sometimes people will connect a Control4 or non-Zigbee HA lock to SmartThings and be confused why it doesn’t work. We created the blacklist DTH to try to help explain why these devices won’t work right away rather than people finding out later when it acts weird. It is not supposed to be selected for any locks that actually work fine with the platform.

Did this happen for a lock you already had joined or did you join a new one?

If you look at the device in graph/ide what does it list as the model? The kwikset model that should be blacklisted because it is not ZigBee HA and is known not to work correctly with a home automation network like SmartThings is “Smartcode”.

Hi Tpmanley,

this was an already connected lock that was working fine for the previous 6 months then one morning it was listed as blocked and I could not operate it anymore. I have found a work around but this was the model “smartcode”

Why is it that SmartThings have deemed these to not work correctly with SmartThings when I have had nothing but good things to say about it, it works as it should every time without any exceptions.

We’ve had a couple of reports of DTHs changing unexpectedly and it sounds like this is another case. It should not have done that. It doesn’t happen very often so I’m not sure yet what conditions cause it so if it happens again please let me know.

We were told by Kwikset that these particular models are not Zigbee HA compliant and so this particular model is not certified by SmartThings. We normally don’t go the extra step of blacklisting a device but we had so many people contacting support with these locks that were not working that we took this action to try to inform users right away when they joined the lock. I’m glad it is working fine for you with the Zigbee Lock DTH but that’s not been the experience of other users.

I have reached out to Kwikset on this issue to see if there is something more appropriate that we should be doing with these locks.


Thanks Tpmanley,

The lock is still working fine and if I have any further issues I will post here.

Thanks to everyone else in this post, I cannot believe how helpful everyone has been!

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Just to close the loop, I talked to Kwikset again about the locks that report a model of simply “Smartcode” and learned there was some miscommunication before and they are expected to work fine. We moved the fingerprint from the blacklist DTH to the ZigBee Lock DTH a few weeks ago so the problem you experienced shouldn’t happen again.


For what it’s worth, I bought my Kwikset 912 lock 5+ years ago without the wireless chip installed. Always figured I would add the chip later when I started doing a smart home. I recently bought this one on Ebay for $40 (it’s up to $52 now) and it worked perfectly. If your Zigbee is still working, that’s awesome, but if you ever have trouble with it, and can (I assume) change the card, you can try this Z-wave chip instead.