Kwikset Deadbolt Range Issues

Just bought a Kwikset Signature Series HomeConnect Deadbolt, which is a z-wave lock.

I have 2 Yale locks on my system which work well. One is about 20 feet from the Hub in my house, the other about 70 feet in a separate building. Both work perfectly.

I paired the Kwikset deadbolt as the manual said, with it less than 1 foot from the hub. Paired fine and lock/unlock work with the hub right next to the lock.

However, once I move the hub back to it’s location, which is about 15 feet from the lock, the lock doesn’t work.

I know the lock is within range as I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 and a GE Power Outlet both about 2 feet from the lock.

I have tried excluding and re-pairing the lock to make sure it is paired properly, I had to do this again with the hub a foot away.

Still not working once the hub is 15ft from the lock.

Any ideas?

Do a "Repair Z-wave Network, It’s found in the hamburger menu under Hub.

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Tried a repair multiple times, says Failure: unable to update route

Nobody else has had these issues with the Kwikset z-wave locks?

Or suggestions on a fix?

Any fixes? Same issue here! Any help much appreciated!