Kwikset connection without disassociation from Wink

With Wink no longer working, I just got an Aeotec hub to use with SmartThings. Because Wink will not allow a connection to devices I have no way to disconnect the Kwikset locks from wink. I have tried a factory reset on the Kwikset locks, but I cannot connect it to the new hub. Is there any way to get around not being able to disconnect the locks from Wink? Thank you,

Start with this faq thread. It will show you how to exclude devices that were previously connected to wink and then allow you to pair them to ST :slight_smile:

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Thank you! That was very helpful and allowed me to connect to both locks. I am having an issue with one of the locks Kwikset 912 just being recognized as a z-wave device and not a lock, so there is no lock functionality. I will do some more reading for that.

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You can login to IDE at and go to My Locations section, click on your Location Name. Next go to My Devices, find your lock and click on the Name. This will bring up the details for the lock, choose Edit at the bottom. In the Device Type, it is a pull-down - locate and select z-wave lock and choose Save at the bottom of the screen. Go back to the ST app and open the lock and see if it works.

Note: IDE is part of the legacy platform. It is not known how much longer it will be around. Also, any time you see a device listed with Placeholder… do not edit them in IDE. Those are devices with Edge drivers and can’t be edited in IDE.


Thank you for that. Now it shows as a lock but in the two status sections have a cloud with a line through it. Any help would be appreciated.

The entire issue with connecting the lock was the hub was not close enough to the lock and there was interference. When I moved the hub close to the Kwikset lock it connected as normal with the App. Thank you all for your help!

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I had to first unpair the device in ST and than I was able to install all 3 of my KwikSet 910’s. I found a thread on moving from Wink and the first line of the instructions was first unpair the device in ST. Even if your wink hub is still up this works.

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