Kwikset SmartCode Lever with Z Wave Model: 912TNL TRL ZW 15 SMT

Are Kwikset devices available on SmartThings shop the only ones compatible with SmartThings Hub V2?
Has anyone installed Kwikset SmartCode Lever with Z Wave( ) with ST Hub v2 ?


I successfully use the kwikset 916, and just upgraded to the v2 hub


I fairly confident that that all Kwikset Z-Wave models will work with SmartThings. I personally have the Kwikset 916 Z-Wave lock and it functions perfectly with the User Lock Code Manager SmartApp by @ethayer and SmartThings Lock/Unlock commands.

I would include an SmartThings open/close contact sensor to the door for full operability.

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I have couple of the Kwikset 912s and they work fine. Make sure that the lock is within 12 feet during the pairing phase to ensure that it pairs successfully.

Did you move it from V1 to V2 Hub? Do you remember how your paired it? I have my hub sitting within 2 feet of the lock but refuses to detect the lock. During the General Device Exclusion process, it says that an unknwon Zwave device was removed but no success adding it.

Kwikset Z-Wave support stated that the hub needed to be within 12" to the lock when an exclusion was performed.

I have the Kwikset model 916 and this 12" worked for me when migrating to the V2. My V1 hub did not release the lock and I used forced release, and then an exclusion was required with the V2 hub in close proximity to the lock.

Luckily I have a very long ethernet cord.