Kwikset 914 - lock status not update in ST app when lock button pressed

I just installed this lock a few days ago and it’s pretty great, except for one minor annoyance. When I press the lock button on the keypad to lock the deadbolt, the lock status never updates in the SmartThings app. It continues to show unlocked. It’s not a matter of there just being a long delay. I’ve waited several minutes and it never updates. This issue is 100% repeatable. Locking the deadbolt with a key or the knob on the inside as well as with a programmed code is never a problem. It’s only the lock button that ST fails to recognize. The lock is configured as a default Z-Wave lock. Do I need a custom Device Handler?

Check your IDE Live logging to see the event is reaching the hub.
If you don’t see it, it’s possible it’s getting lost especially if there is no repeater in your mesh or your lock is further than 20ft from the nearest repeater. It could be a defective z-wave module but I would try to reboot the hub, exclude, reset and pair the lock again before changing the module.

The FE599 has a firmware bug which shows the incorrect status when using the default handler (this handler fixes that), but no such known issue with the 914.

What happens if you try to lock it from the ST app? Does it update from that?

I have the same issue. I can lock/unlock from the ST app and it work fine. The only thing that when I press the lock button to lock, ST app didn’t update the status. I have to login the app and refresh the lock, then it update.

You mean tap refresh or close/open the app without pressing anything?

I have practically the same problem but opposite. The lock button on my device works and the ST app will show the lock as “Locked”. But when I try to lock it through the ST app, it will physically lock but the STapp shows “Unlocked” and won’t correct upon refresh. :frowning: