Kwikset 912 status update

I recently installed a Kwikset 912 and it’s been working fine but since yesterday it doesn’t refresh status if the lock is manually unlocked/locked from the lever (not from the keypad).

When I first installed it, the lock state would be refreshed pretty much immediately regardless of how it was changed. Is there a way to get that functionality back? I tried removing the battery pack for few seconds but it didn’t fix it.

I have this same problem. Smartthings detects when the lock is activated from within Smartthings or by pressing the “lock” button on the door exterior (thereby causing the locking mechanism motor to turn). However, if I manually turn the lock/uplock button on the door interior handle (i.e., no licking mechanism motor activation), Smartthings does not detect the change of state and does not activate any SmartApps. Have you found a solution to this problem?