Kwikset 914 Lock refuses to lock

(Marc) #1

This is definitely not a Smartthings problem, but wanted to see if the community has experienced this before. My Kwikset 914 lock refuses to lock via the lock physical button or software. I have replaced the batteries and it still isn’t locking. Does this sound like a hardware problem? or perhaps a software problem where I have to reset the lock back to factory defaults? Ironically, smartthings is still communicating with the lock as I do see events for it.

(sidjohn1) #2

if it’s with in 30 days, i’d take it back… outside 30 days the manual should have steps to reset the device.

(Marc) #3

Thanks. A factory reset didn’t fix it and zwave events report battery is too low to lock. I called their tech supper and its hosed and needs to be replaced.