Kwikset 914 duplicate log and codes

I linked my Kwikset 914 to ST. I have noticed when i lock and unlock it i get psudo duplicate entries in the log.

I will get:
Front Door was Locked
Front Door was locked

The difference between the two is the “L” on the word locked. Why is it logging twice?

Also in the instructions it says that codes can be programmed using the home automation hub but i have not been able to find if and where this can be done in ST. Any ideas?


I do have both version of smart things installed on my phone. Does that have anything to do with it? However my Ring log entries are not duped.

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the new app?

I have both apps installed.

Duh! You did mention that in your first post. I need to read better. :slight_smile:

I could see you receiving two notifications (one from each app) but your logs should only show one entry.

See the pictures attached. Not a huge deal just kinda annoying. Is there a reason to have both apps installed? Does the old have functionality not included in the new?

Are you using any custom code for the locks?

The new app has most of the functionality of the classic. Some features are different so it requires some getting use to.

I am not using any custom code yet. I have been looking at using WebCoRE to do some custom routines. I will uninstall the classic app and see if it goes away.

Just make sure you remove any smart home monitor rules before removing the Classic app.

Uninstalling the Classic app won’t make it go away, you’ll have to uninstall Smart Guest Locks from the Classic app (the SmartApps still run in the cloud even if the uninstall the mobile app)
Are you using any custom device handlers? The stock device handler has an issue where it reports the status even if it hasn’t changed, you could be running into that issue is youre’ using a code to unlock your lock (in which case it sends 2 events_

I was getting this problem right out of the box, before i installed the Smart Guest Lock app. I am not using any custom device handlers for the Locks and it was an issue before i discovered custom device handlers. This was an issue with 0 customizations

It looks like the stock handler bug I was referring to above. Try using the custom handler.