Kwikset 912 and 914, SmartThings, and Lyric Alarm - Door codes

I have a Kwikset 912 and a 914. I don’t know what I changed but they stopped accepting the alarm panel codes. I had this same setup in my previous house with the Lyric alarm panel, a SmartThings v2, and 3 Kwikset 910s. If you added a new user to the Alarm Panel it would put their code into the door lock, letting them unlock the door and disarm the alarm at the same time. When I installed the Lyric, SmartThings v3 and the 912 & 914 on this new house, I swear it worked at first. But now the panel tries to set the codes, but immediately deletes them afterward. I don’t understand why it does this. If I exclude everything, and just include the locks directly to the Lyric alarm panel, it puts the codes in the door locks, and they work exactly the way they are supposed to. It is only when I include them to the SmartThings, and then include the SmartThings to the Lyric that it does this crazy programming where it puts the codes into the lock and immediately deletes them. Attached is the SmartThings event log showing it creating and then deleting the user codes.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

UPDATE: I tried to set the lock codes using Lock User Manager and it does a similar operation, where it tries to set the codes and then deletes them immediately after. The difference is that Lock User Manager doesn’t seem to give up. It seems to just try indefinitely.

I excluded everything and started from scratch. If I include the locks in SmartThings, I can set the user codes using Lock User Manager.

So in summary, The locks connected to the SmartThings can have codes programmed, and the locks included by the Lyric can have codes programmed, but if the locks are included by both, neither can set them. This has to be something in the door locks.


It makes sense, since Lyric and SmartThings don’t talk to each other, they don’t know what the other one is doing. So when SmartThings adds a code to the lock, Lyric is like why is there this new code unexpectedly and it deletes the code and then SmartThings is like why was the code I programmed deleted and it tries to add it back and vice versa causing the back n forth loop you’re seeing.
It’s not a good idea to have two apps/system program the lock at the same time.

How do I stop SmartThings from programming the locks?

Remove (deselect) the lock from the app you’re using to program the locks.

This was happening before I installed the app. The app is not installed now. I only installed it for the first time yesterday to see what would happen if I tried programming the codes from the app.

Is there something in SmartThings (I have both new app and old app installed) that natively tries to set the codes, or monitors them?

Use the Classic ST app, open your lock device page, click on SmartApps and it’ll show all the apps connected to your lock through smartthings.

@RBoy, Live Logging is much more verbose. I can make the Lyric or the ST app try to set the codes again, and capture some of that log if it would help.

According to what you’ve shown me above, SmartThings isn’t sending any commands since there’s no app connected to your lock.
What you may be seeing in the events logs (first post) is what’s being reported by the lock (since you’ve paired the hub to the lock, the lock is reporting all the events to the hub). Something outside SmartThings is adding/deleting the codes. You can capture the live logs and PM it me if you’d like and I’ll be happy to take a look at them.

I agree. I definitely think it is the locks doing the deleting and reporting it. The locks didn’t used to do that though. I changed something somewhere to cause the locks to start doing that. I just don’t know what I changed or where I changed it.

Strange thing is that it is two locks doing it.