Multiple locks, different codes

I was using (still am) @ethayer’s DT and App to manage my Yale lock, which is on my AirBnB unit downstairs (our MIL apt). I decided that we should lock a closet inside the apt and keep supplies there, so that our cleaning person can use it to grab toilet paper, snacks, etc. If I leave snacks in a cabinet, guests just take 'em! Sigh.

So I’d love to program the Yale with a guest code and a cleaner code, and the Kwikset with just a cleaner code. @ethayer’s app seems to push a set of codes to both locks.

I could get another app (@RBoy has one) to manage the Kwikset lock.

Is that the best solution? Thanks!

Why don’t you just install another instance of the app and manage the two locks separately. That is what I do.


Ahh, OK! I can do that! Thanks! Do I just create a new app, copy the code but make sure I give it a different name, e.g.

name: “Closet Lock Manager”,

On your mobile device go into Marketplace, Smartapps, MyApps and select User Lock Manager again. Select only the lock you want to manage. You will need to deselect this lock from the other instance of the existing app before you add the second instance of User Lock Manager. You can give the new instance a different name. Rename the existing instance to ‘Yale’ and the new one to ‘Kwikset’ or whatever suits your needs.

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