Kwikset 910

I’m looking at adding a couple kwikeset 910’s to my house. Was wondering if there fully integrated with ST yet and if not is there a app to get it working with temporary pins that can be set from the app

I have one 910 and it works with ST. I am using Ethayers Lock Manager. I do have an issue with it in that it always reports 0% battery. It worked great and the battery reported correctly when I first paired it. A few months later it was time to change batteries, I change them every 6 months, and ever since it has showed 0%. I have replaced the batteries again and removed and re-paired still shows 0%, it works fine though… It could have been me, when I changed the batteries the first time I put one battery in wrong. I would not have thought that woudl have caused problems but maybe it did.

Well I guess I can live with bad battery reports if everything else works.
I’ll check out that app and see how it looks