Kwikset 910 door locks broken

There is no battery status being read in this device … anyone have custom code to fix this. Thanks.

You can try this one from @ethayer

anyone with a real answer… I need to get access to the source code for the zwave lock device class so I can fix or add reading the battery status correctly. same for the zwave alarm class.


Sorry if I gave you enough credit to think you could actually read the thread and follow the links to Erik’s gethub that contain both the drivers and the code for the lock app

I too have had major problems with the 910 lately although right now it’s fine. I too lost battery status and was going to contact support once they delt with my more pressing issues. If you go into the IDE and click device types. Then choose new device. Then from template. Scroll down to Z-wave lock, this is the default device type assigned for this lock. Someone probably just changed something in the device type on SmartThings side and didn’t realize the battery stopped reporting after the big update. Kwikset probably has some documentation as to which register contains the battery status, good luck finding it.

The forum can be a little confusing, but most shaded quotes are links to other threads. Tap on the tiny arrow on the far right of the thread title a couple of times and The other thread will open.

As mentioned, you will find device type code discussed there.

its already set to zwave lock but I will toggle it hoping it fixes. it… I didn’t realize the other thread was about device types I am already using his smart app for code control and I thought that was all it was about…

ok I created two new devices type the standard zwave lock from the template as you suggested… and also the zwave lock reporting… neither at least immediately after changing the device type in my devices to either of these is reporting battery status? how long should it take… I did lock and unlock hoping it would update the battery status, lock and unlock works under either device type.

guess I will have to start digging into the code… strange though that yours are working?


I believe the reporting one is to report user slots and set codes with the aforementioned SmartApp. I think the battery status fix is a matter of requesting a different parameter. I think they have some smarts in there that determines the brand and applies the appropriate requests.

Quickly looking at this document doesn’t seem to reveal the parameter ID which leads me to believe it is whatever the “standard” value is, which I don’t know… I think ST will have to fix it, I recommend contacting support, you’re not alone, I too have no battery status. Although it’s pretty obvious listening to the thing when the batteries are on their way out.

I have contacted them… but no response.