Kwikset 910 long beep after lock/unlock

Hi all,

Has anyone run into a situation with their kwikset lock where unlocking/locking generates a long beep? It never used to do this, but the last couple of days it started giving long beeps from time to time when I lock/unlock it. It sounds like a beep that would mean something is stuck or has failed. The batter life is still showing 50%, so I don’t believe it to be a low batter issue.

Mine does this when the bolt is stuck and can’t fully deploy. It is not always easy to tell from looking that this is the case - even if the bolt deploys 95% of the way and appears to be locked it will still do the long beep. Have you had particularly cold weather of late? Does the bolt deploy/retract effortlessly with the knob on the inside?

It could be the bolt issue, but i have the all the time when it is a battery issue. The Battery reporting isn’t incredibly accurate. If you replace the batteries, i’m pretty sure that will fix it.

Is it after lock as well? Mine usually is only have unlock. If it is after lock, you could reset the bolt by holding down the lock key while reinserting the batteries.

We’ve had warm days which thawed our snow, but then froze the moister at night. However, This door is an inside door form the garage to the house. So it’s possible, but unlikely.

I honestly can’t remember. It may be on unlock only.

I’ll try replacing the batteries and let you both know.

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Mine does that when the battery needs to be replaced. The LED also flashes red when the battery needs to be replaced. Do you see that?


You know… I didn’t see a red flashing light until last night. It was probably on the cusp of being low so I was missing it. I replaced the batteries.

Thanks everyone!