Kwikset 910 Locks Dying ULTRA FAST

I have had 2 Kwikset 910 Z-Wave locks on my SmartThings hub since February of last year. In the last few months, I can’t keep them alive. Purchasing batteries every 2 weeks is getting stupid.

What the heck happened?!? The problem really started around October but, I have tried everything except for a post here.

-Hard Reset
-Different DTH’s

Called customer service, they are as useless as a bag of dicks. They used to be awesome.

I even tried disassembling the lock to make sure the cable was on tightly.

I am pretty sure that whatever they did to the hub firmware is responsible for these locks going dead this fast.

Also: both of the locks are within 8-10 feet of the hub ALL THE TIME.

I just had a nightmare experience where I had to redo my entire setup in the past 2 weeks.

That said, when I added my Kwikset 910 locks to ST, they automatically used the device type of Z-Wave Lock. I think previously, I had to jerry rig this with a custom setup. Not sure if it’ll help you, but thought I’d share just in case.

Seems to be working fine. I use rechargeable amazon batteries in all of mine and probably charge them once every 2 months or so. I’ll keep an eye on it now and make sure I’m not recharging more often!

Would you mind sharing a link of these batteries?

Try these…
Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries

I have 1 of those locks that I purchased off of Ebay and it burns through batteries twice as fast if not 3 times as fast as my Front Door Lock which is the same model and gets used 10 times as much. Something definitely funky with it. I use RBoys DTH…

I use both of these:


The second link is more expensive because the batteries are 2400mAh vs the 1900mAh in the first link. So the second link batteries are meant to hold a larger charge. Hope that helps!

There another topic on this. Some the zwave modules on these locks go bad after about a year causing excessive battery consumption. You can try replacing them.

@RBoy It just happens to be BOTH locks at the same time? Highly doubt that. The chances of this happening is about 100,000/1.

Everyone knows that Samsung has been busy doing upgrades to their DTH’s and things that used to work, didn’t until the devs fixed them.

I have a feeling that z-wave locks were effected by this.

@rontalley That’s what I’ve been using for a year now. The first set last me 6 months, the others have lasted 1-2 months then, down to 2 weeks lately.

@shytown That’s the DTH I have used.

I have also noticed that if I use any other DTH, I will lose control of the locks

I had one Kwikset 910 for about a year. That one runs on my back door, which is the most used lock in the house. The batteries were replaced in mid December and are reporting 80%. I’ve been getting good battery live, probably about 6 months up to this point. I will start tracking battery replacements at the next replacement cycle to see exactly what I’m getting. I recently added 3 more of these locks, which I purchased on eBay. These appeared to be new old stock and they are all working. They were installed around mid December with fresh batteries and are still at 90% reported battery.

Right after I added the three new locks I did notice that they would not all report status correctly at random times, but that seems to have diminished. When that happens usually sending a “lock” command to them all revives them.

Each door lock has a Leviton switch or dimmer (with the latest firmware) acting as a Z-Wave repeater within 2-6 feet of the lock. Although the locks were purchased a year apart they report the same firmware version in the IDE (ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 .)

I am running the standard “Z-Wave Lock” DH and “Smart Locks” app. I don’t seem to have the need for a custom DH and I like them running local. I’ve been using standard Duracell batteries from Costco, but I’m curious about the Lithium battery life. Maybe I will give those a try if I can find them locally.

BTW, I noticed that newer versions of the 910 are now available as Z-Wave Plus. Does anyone know if these are upgradable?



They are worth it!

I replaced my lithium batteries because they went below 50% after 7 months. They are great, except for my issue, which I hope gets resolved with using this Z-Wave Lock stock DTH.

I’ve had 3 910 locks on my doors for ~ 2+ years. I’ve noticed that they are very finicky about batteries. I bought some industrial Duracells on Amazon, and my front door lock would chew through them in a few weeks. Changed to standard Duracells and lasted much longer…maybe I got industrial copy batteries, who knows. I still change my front door lock every month or two…but it gets used 6+ times a day. My other two doors last 6+ months on batteries (or longer).

That really doesn’t explain why these same batteries lasted more than 6 months now last around 6 days and, it’s been happening ever since October when SmartThings upgraded their DTH handling.

Thinking of hardwiring one of mines as an experiment. Figure some 22 guage alarm wire to a plug in DC converter should do the trick.

Tony_B you aren’t insane. When I moved from the Vera to smartthings this Kwikset 910 is the only device left off because it literally brings the entire SmartThings ecosystem down completely (everything becomes unresponsive in the system as the batteries die). And yes the batteries die quickly as well. I’ll perhaps give a call in to see if indeed the device is by default categorized incorrectly (not lock or hard-wired, etc).

Update: Wow the web and even this forum is littered with many 910 horror stories specific to SmartThings v2, v3 hub draining battery like crazy. You’d really think Kwikset and Samsung would work together to prevent these things. I called Kwikset and they said to just call Samsung since their issue.

Log of things to try again day 1 02-13-2019: I’m turning off “Device Health” in smartthings classic to see if it helps, as well as uninstalling any SmartApps I don’t recognize. I’m also telling the Alexa SmartApps to forget this device since I don’t use Alexa with it. I’m also after adding it, repairing the z-wave network, and replacing the batteries (doing a complete boot of the lock).

Update morning 02-14-2019: Battery did indeed die/shrink very quickly and became offline according to smartthings. I removed the Alexa SmartApp altogether, and rebooted the hub with a new set of batteries. Strangely enough the battery seems stable the last 4-5 hours. Maybe it was the Alexa SmartApp! Or perhaps there is an order in doing things and you need a sufficient number of reboots on the lock and hub side of things. Will report back if as simple as removing poor old Alexa. If it is Alexa I see no obvious way to remove a specific device from being used by Alexa. Note I did check to see if securely attached (zw:Fs under Raw Description) and it was. Still though if this doesn’t work others have suggested pairing within inches to see if it helps. For what it is worth to log my device also says “ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY” which given its age I assume makes sense. (secure legacy, S2 generally being quite new)

Update afternoon 02/14/2019: After adding back on Amazon Alexa the battery is still stable. I did notice Alexa on bootstrap does say “Subscribing to Device Health events for device InsideDoor (XXXX) using activity event” which perhaps had me slightly concerned but doesn’t seem to be presenting a problem yet. Not 100% I care to figure out why it works so nicely now. Perhaps in the past was too quick to give up / remove from system after a few battery drains. (or didn’t reboot both devices multiple times or give the zwave network enough time to repair itself)

Update evening 02/16/2019. Yup same problem. Batteries down to 60% and went offline according to smartthings. Take out battery pack and put it back in and sure enough it is online again but of course the Kwikset unit is warning me about low batteries at this point with the red lights/etc. Replaced batteries and leaving Alexa out completely until I have some more data. This happens very fast so won’t take longer than a few more days between updates which is nice in a way.

Update evening 02/18/2019. Yup same problem. Therefore ruled out Alexa. This time I did a Kwikset 910 factory reset and brought an extension cord with the Smartthings hub within 1/2 inch of the lock to unpair, repair, re-add, and repair. If this is the problem, Samsung’s IDE is really bad because none of the codes have changed, so that means Samsung doesn’t expose this state to the customer, not even in their debug IDE, which really sucks.

Update late afternoon 02/19/2019. Looking pretty darn good. Have relocated hub back to initial location after having it sit for 12 hours within a few feet of the lock. Maybe there really is something to needing to be paired within inches of the device, despite numerous z-wave plus repeating devices between the original location and lock. It really really stinks though if that is it, because that means that Samsung does not expose this quassi-paired issue on the debug IDE page (not even to their guys on the phone I spent over an hour on the phone with today).

Update 02/20/2019. I switched out the small zwave chip module for the newer zwave plus module Kwikset includes in their latest 910 locks. (NOTE this is EXTREMELY easy and doesn’t even involve undoing any screws you can do it while still attached to the door just as easy as removing the battery pack) This seems to fix the issue and at least gives me my sanity back on my actual door while I continue to troubleshoot why the old module doesn’t operate with SmartThings correctly for other folks that have this problem. (on a spare lock that is just sitting around) The newer zwave plus isn’t automatically recognized by SmartThings as anything other than a “Z-Wave Lock” whereas the older 910 board did indeed say Kwikset 910 Contemporary Lock. Based on the Kwikset 910 operating just fine on its own and operating fine with the Mi Casa VeraLite, I still think this is a bug that nobody wants to solve/is to lazy to solve because it involves older hardware. I’ll likely, for my own edification, use a Zwave sniffer since Samsung/SmartThings couldn’t figure out anything on the phone looking at the backend of the controller. I do wonder if there is some command that isn’t sent cleanly to the lock so it keeps it from going to sleep properly under certain circumstances, or if there is indeed some kind of polling/etc issue. Perhaps the newer hardware is more resilient, but given that these 910 devices work with older hubs I think likely Samsung should compensate like the other hubs do rather than ask everyone to call Kwikset to replace the hardware (which is what they told me on the phone yesterday).

I’ve been watching this thread carefully for months. See my status from about a month ago.


Since then I have not touched the batteries and this is how they report now:


The back door lock is far and away the most used door in the house, but still is generally only cycled through locked and unlocked 2-4 times per day. I often unlock it manually with the handle when leaving.

I’m pretty satisfied with this since these standard Duracell batteries are about 2 months old, but I would still like to improve on it. I have already purchased Energizer lithium batteries for the next swap.

Has anyone tried disabling the LEDs and sounds on the locks using the DIP switches? I don’t rely on them at all and I plan to try disabling both when I remove the covers again to replace the batteries.

I did make sure that all the bolts are aligned properly with the strikers so that they don’t drag. The utility room lock does drag slightly if the door is not pulled tightly shut. I added a little Teflon grease until I can adjust that.

It might be worth logging unlock and locks to Google Sheets so that we can compare cycles and battery life with solid data.



I came home from a 6 week work outing. The garage door lock that NEVER gets used for anything except for reporting to the hub that it’s been unlocked or locked to turn the garage light on. That was dead.

The front door lock died in about 2 weeks, according to my gf. Probably got used 2 times a day. Not enough for it to die.

I have new batteries in it right now (getting expensive) … already quit on me two mornings in a row.

I am going to take a look at the device handler. No reason for this.

I wonder if it would be worth removing them from the Z-Wave network (excluding them) and then factory resetting them. After than run them standalone with no connection to the hub for a few weeks to see if the battery issue is with SmartThings or with the lock itself. At least that might help isolate the issue.

For me it is absolutely 100% having nothing to do with the lock itself draining when off the Z-Wave network. It works for months and have tested multiple times since I gave up multiple times adding this lock to the SmartThings z-wave network (note it DID work with the Mi Casa Verde Light without the batteries dying).

did you end up hardwiring?

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Yes. Been working ok. Battery shows 50% so it probably needs a better power supply but still works “most of the time” and no more battery changes! Used 22 gauge wire and a 5V power supply I had laying around. Will paint the wire and update the power supply to around 7.5V/1.5A when I get a chance.

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I wonder if using rechargables with a small solar panel on the outside of the door would work? In theory you would never have to replace the batteries and no cord would be required. Some measurements might be needed but I would think a small panel like those used in larger solar powered yard lights might work.