Kwikset 620 smart lock not working on SmartThings

I have installed the Kwikset 620 Smart Lock and cannot get it to connect to my Aeotec Hub using SmartThings. Is there a scheduled release to allow the 620 to be listed as a compatible lock on SmartThings. Is there a work around ?

Is it pairing at all? Did you try excluding it first to reset it?

No pairing. The 620 doesn’t show up on the supported Kwikset lock list. Was hoping for a work around or patch or anything.

Try a z-wave exclusion on the lock… then attempt to add it. Use the scan nearby if needed

When you said it did not pair… did it time out or return a message. If it timed out… go to Devices > No room assigned and see if it is listed there by chance… in which it did pair but for whatever reason did not indicate it did.

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I’ve had to perform the Z-wave exclusion several times before it takes effect on some devices. Once it finally recognizes it enough to exclude it, it usually syncs up afterwards.
Seems counterintuitive but works.
Good Luck

Did you ever find a solution to this? I also have a Home Connect 620 and I can get it added to ST, but it only shows the unlocked state even if it’s locked.