KUDLED Intelligent Bulbs with ST Hub

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #1


Anyone happen to test this bulb with ST?
I wonder it will work or not.

Zigbee Light Link Colorful Light Bulb 9w Auto Wifi Led E27 Remote Control Bulb Smart Home KUDLED Intelligent Bulbs

(Jason) #2

(Rodrigo Carvajal) #3

I bought 5 of them and a remote, one didn’t work, but the other 4 worked perfectly with the ST app, they paired easily, you only need to get the Device Handler from the thread on the previous post.

Through my own stupidity I managed to get none of them to work because I wanted to pair them to the remote, I don’t quite sure what I did, but rest assured , if you pair them with the hub, they’ll work no problem.

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #4

this is sound promising. I will make an order now.