Kudled Zigbee bulb working with ST?

Anyone test the zigbee bulb below?
with reasonable price compare to Philips Hue


As you can tell from the photograph, that’s a Kudled Bulb. Some community members have used them with SmartThings but only through the hue bridge.

Alright, cheers mate

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Some of the hue bulbs are getting a bit cheaper if you’re happy with various shades of white and don’t want other colours - the ones below are £25. Yep, its still expensive but, and this is just my personal opinion, I’m not sure i’d be happy with cheap Chinese bulbs in my house for the sake of saving a few pound per bulb.


Also, for those who have any interest in also using HomeKit, only the official Hue brand bulbs connected to a Hue bridge can be recognized by Siri.

I use Siri on my Apple Watch for some situations, so there is an advantage to me in using the Hue white bulbs over other brands. :sunglasses::bulb:

Hive white only bulbs are £20 and I suspect work with ST!