Cheap Color Light Bulbs?

Any experience with cheap color bulbs? The ones I have seen so far require Hue Bridge or IFTTT integration.

Define cheap

You can integrate Hue white or Hue RGBW directly to the ST hub without a bridge.
You will need a custom DH though.
I have 3 Hue strips and 2 bulbs integrated.
I use a DH called “Improved Zigbee Hue Bulb MA” for both types.

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Can you point me to these DH? Here in the U.K. we lack GitHub integration for some reason :unamused:

Hi Paul, here is the link to the code.

Good luck.

Philips Hue color are a bit priceless. Any Chinese options working?

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I’ve figured out how to get them for free. When family asks what I want for Bday or Xmas, I have them get me stuff like this. :slight_smile:


Even the Chinese made ones are still about $25 so maybe half the cost of Hue color bulb. The problem with them may be quality control with many of them failing after a year or two. I think if you look around, you should be able to find refurbished 2nd gen Hue bulbs under $40. See this thread: