Integration of Smart Downlight LED lights( Zigbee capability) with Smartthings hub

Dear Experts, may i know has any Smartthings users bought Smart Downlight LED lights with ZigBee capability from Taobao and integrated with Smartthings hub.If so,mind sharing the steps?

Thank You

Taobao is a retailer, not the manufacturer. They sell many different devices. It will depend on the exact brand and model.

Just being zigbee is not enough. It depends on the profile being used.

Some people have bought Kudled bulbs through Taobao and gotten those to work. But again it depends on the specific brand and model.

Hi Robert,thanks for the detailed explanation. The LED downlights that I have bought for my whole house are from taobao (different companies).The lights uses 2.4ghz RF remote control,will smart hub still able to detect them?

2.4 gigahertz is a very popular band, it is used for many different things, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all the different zigbee profiles. So we need to know the exact brand and model in order to know whether it might be compatible with SmartThings. But it might not work with SmartThings.

Thanks Robert for the explaination.Will wait for my smart hub to test it out.