Konnected Pro issues

So I’m an original Konnected board and add-on user with the non cloud version which has worked just fine; I just built 3 rentals and decided to go for the Pro board a go.

After it not getting an IP on LAN, I tried to setup on wifi, got an IP but it couldn’t find the device, I decided to flash it with latest firmware, nothing but issues and support was useless, asked stupid questions over and over to answers I had given, such as what board I was using, that I wasn’t using a pro firmware, when I had clearly shown it was a pro and it kept getting stuck at 88%; anyways, I finally got it connected by clearing the memory before flash, a toggle I had not seen at first 5 flashes.

Second issue I had, I used zone 1-4 for testing, once I was happy, I deleted the zones and moved them to zone 8-12 as I wanted to use DHT’s on the lower zones. Every time it connected to ST, it would import the old deleted zones too. I disconnected from cloud, disconnected from ST, did a factory reset of the device, tried everything, so I thought. I added zones 1-4 back, and deleted them again and sync’d and finally I was presented with the zones 8-12 in ST like I wanted.

Nearly 2 days of this. Now I have setup a siren and alarm on ALARM1 and a buzzer on zone 6.
ST sees the devices but they are ‘offline’ and cannot turn them on. I know the devices work, because I can activate them in the cloud app by setting the “Activation 0/Low” and then they stay on, but at least I know they work.

I have deleted everything, factory reset and tried just about everything I can think of. I did notice that on signup to cloud I was presented which region I wanted, initially I selected Asia Pacific, but later changed it to North America as that’s where my Smartthings account is linked to. Thinking this was a possible cause of the issue, I deleted/factory reset, setup everything again and still I get one way comms to Konnected.

Konnected → ST works fine and I get motion and open close events and DHT temp/hum
ST → Konnected will not work, I cant activate a siren, a strobe or a buzzer.

@heythisisnate , I hope you still read this board and can possibly help as I want to buy a few more for the other properties, but after wasting two days in time, plus the cost of the Pro, I’m wondering if I should have just got a professional to install a normal system with a wifi module, probably would have been cheaper; but I’ve wasted this time now, so hopefully someone can help.

Yes, still here and happy to help. DM me your email address or ticket # in our helpdesk system and I’ll take a look at the support history and screenshots.

The device should obtain an IP address via Ethernet automatically. If not, we can dig in to debug there. Do you see activity lights on the ethernet port?

Regarding deleted zones: if you delete the zones in ST, but they’re still set up on Konnected Cloud, then yes, they will come back. SmartThings syncs the zones from Konnected Cloud periodically. To ensure they don’t come back, make sure you delete the zones from Konnected Cloud then SmartThings.

The global region does indeed have an impact on the ST → Konnected communication. It sounds like your device is provisioned in a different region from your SmartThings instance, which would cause the issue that you described where you can’t activate sirens or buzzers. To resolve this, go back to the account page in Konnected app, change the region to the same region as your ST account, then go back to the zone assignments screen in the Konnected app and re-sync the settings to the device. That last step is necessary to re-provision the board in the updated region.

Thanks that resolved it, the deregister part wasn’t working last night; this morning I found it was deregistered yay.

All fixed thanks