Add Keyfob to SmartThings with Konnected or ST_Anything

I’ve prototyped a board that allows use of a 433mhz keyfob within SmartThings via the Konnected app or ST_Anything using a simple ESP8266 circuit. - I’m informed St_Anything will stop when Groovy is discontinued.

If anyone is interested let me know as this board will be available as a pcb only, complete kit or ready built device.

Sounds interesting!

I don’t know about Konnected, but @ogiewon has confirmed in a forum post that ST_anything Will stop working once Samsung discontinues the free groovy cloud, which is supposed to be soon. And since @ogiewon has moved over to Hubitat, there are no plans to create edge drivers for that project.

Is your project using groovy? And do you know if Konnected is planning to provide edge drivers or some other integration to the new platform?


No Groovy at all.Looks like its Konnected then which is supported by SmarThings and just needs another Android app on you phone to program the device and act as the service.

Konnected already works with the SmartThings platform via the Konnected Cloud service and we’re an official Works With SmartThings partner. May consider edge drivers in the future but it’s not being worked on right now.

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That would be great. As long as your not giving up on the V1 DIY option and you don’t mind me working on the keyfob project.

We’re still maintaining and updating our ESP8266 firmware (now on v3.01) and it will always be free and open-source. We don’t provide tech support for bring-your-own hardware anymore, but don’t let that stop you!

We may, at some point, charge a fee or subscription for Konnected Cloud access for those with DIY/BYO hardware, but at the present time Konnected Cloud is free for anybody.