Konnected Alarm using SmartThings with SharpTools Dashboard

Hello, I have a new Konnected alarm that I was able to setup with SmartThings. But I wanted a wall mounted keypad and delayed entry. So I added SharpTools and a 7" Amazon Fire tablet. I have everything working except when I disable the alarm via the tablet SmartThings disables Arm (awa) but it doesn’t Dismiss the alarm activation. This is when you’ve entered the house and disable the alarm via the tablet. I’m forced to open the SmartThings app on my phone to dismiss the siren. How can I get the signal from SharpTools back to SmartThings to Dismiss the alarm activation? I’ve tried using Virtual Switches but I must be doing something wrong. TIA

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From what I understand, it sounds like an alert was activated in SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) and you want to dismiss that alert.

Unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t provide an API to interact with STHM. And as far as I’m aware, the only way to dismiss an STHM alert is directly through the SmartThings mobile app.

…but aren’t you able to set a delayed activation of the alert so it doesn’t immediately issue the ‘intrusion’ as soon as the door is opened, but rather waits X seconds giving you a chance to disable STHM?

Yes, there is an option to set a delay on the response.

Corrrect. My issue isn’t with the delay since that is configurable in SmartThings. My issue is with adding a pin to the screen on the tablet / keypad since without it anyone would be free to arm and disarm the alarm. I’m using SharpTools to add the pin capability. If there’s another way to do this I’d be very interested.

So, you want to be able to enter a PIN via Sharptools and once that PIN is entered, you want to have STHM to go from Armed to Disarmed? If that is your use case, then you should be able to set the state of a virtual device in Sharptools once the correct PIN is entered and then have a Routine in ST that changes the state of STHM based on the change in state of the virtual device.

There is a good write-up in the Sharptools community on changing STHM state via virtual devices.

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That is the article I used. I have an Arm and Disarm virtual switch and routines configured in SmartThings that are linked to my SharpTools Dashboard. When I change the state of my alarm the buttons in my SharpTools dashboard light depending on if I’m Arming or Disarming the alarm. See below.

So I’m obviously missing something - probably simple - that will look obvious once I see it. I’ve seen others post their dashboards running on a tablet. Is there a different way to add a pin code to the tablet limiting control of SmarthThings without the SharpTools dashboard?

on the sharptools buttons, did you enable a PIN?

Yes. PIN is working perfectly. The alarm state goes from Arm to Disarm perfectly. It just doesn’t Dismiss an activated alarm.

My understanding is that, like many security systems, STHM, does not allow automating the dismissal of an alarm. Once it gets to that point, a person must look at it in the app and manually dismiss it from there. You can’t dismiss it with the built-in features like an automation, or a rule, which is why you can’t dismiss it from a third-party system either.

You can disarm, but only if you can do so before the alert is sent

See the following discussion from a few months ago. Some people have built workarounds, but you basically have to replace the STHM functioning with your own routines.

How to disarm and dismiss in smartthings home monitor (STHM)?

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I wonder if it’s possible to create a pin protected tile that at least allows you to turn off the siren until you can dismiss the alarm in the ST app.

You can easily silence you alarms with a routine. But I don’t know about pin protected.

Tyler - Your message made me think of another idea. Can I not add a delay to the siren within Smartthings? Then as long as I disarm the alarm in SharpTools within that delay the alarm will never be triggered and I should have my solution? I’ll give this a try later today. Thanks.

Yes, you can delay the response like I mentioned in my previous post.


Awesome. That’s working h0ckeysk8er.

Do you know if it’s possible to still sound the piezo buzzer outside of the door activation automation as a reminder to deactivate the alarm before the 30 seconds expires?

You could certainly write a Routine that activates a device when a sensor opens or a door is unlocked. What I don’t know is what options your siren gives you for turning on/off the buzzer or making it beep.

You could have the Routine turn the buzzer on and then auto-off after 30 seconds or have one Routine to turn it on and another to turn it off when STHM state changes to Disarmed.