SmartHome/Konnected Alarm Integration Issues

I have read extensively the instructions here and on the Konnected community forums and generated the six routines and three virtual switched to make SmartHome work with my system. I use five Fully Kiosk Browser enabled tablets with my system and have not found a work-around for some serious flaws in system operation:

  1. The alarm can only be dismissed in the SmartThings App. Not on the wall tablets. This means that anyone having access to the house (friends, family etc) has to have a smart phone, load SmartThings, set up an account and learn how to use it. This is not going to happen.

  2. If the alarm is armed using buttons on the wall tablet and then the home is vacated, opening the door will trip the alarm. I know I can delay the sirens from sounding, but the alarm is still tripped and the alarm will sound after the delay.

I have not found an alarm count-down (or beeps) between hitting ‘Arm’ and the alarm actually arming.

It seems like SmartThings Home Monitor is not ready for prime-time yet and a lot of work-around are needed. Is this correct? Is there a timeframe from when this will be resolved?


Part 1 is easy. Create a virtual switch using your favorite method. Use it in a routine to disarm STHM. You can use the virtual switch in third party apps to disarm system.

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