Basic home alarm - How stupid am I?

Some days ago I went to my local shop, bought a smartthing hub v3, a multisensor and a button.

The plan was:

When the door is opened, an action (for now: notification to members) is triggered. If not the alarm is disarmed within 10 seconds, the full sound alarm (for now: another notification) should run.

Now I have a Smart Home Monitor that seems to be a mandatory “app” inside the Smartthing app (new, Android). That one can be set to be armed or disarmed.

It seems like I can make an action like this:

Multisensor is open AND Security Mode is Armed (away)
wait 10 seconds
Run Scene (Full Alarm)

But I have no option for making an action for the button to disarm the Security Mode.

On the other hand, I can create a trigger if the door is opened and the Location Mode is Away. I can also make a scene for the button to set the Location Mode to Home. However, when doing this I cannot add a 10 second delay… So then the Alarm will start scaring the neighbors from the very first second.

So… Am I just dead stupid? Would the Xiaomi starting pack be able to solve this?

Have you setup the STHM Security response section? There you can set siren with delay, turn lights on, etc.

At the moment I don’t even have a siren, I was hoping to get to find out how it’s working without buying all the hardware… So actions for lights, sirens etc are more advanced than those for notifications?

Here’s the list of options for STHM Security response


If I understand what you’re asking, you want to arm/disarm the system with a button? I don’t think that’ possible right now and with the new SHM limitation of not integrating with apps if you don’t see it in the app it can’t be done.

You can try a different security app if you have access to rboy apps, it’s a little more flexible and allows to arm/disarm the app using a variety of options including switches. [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions - Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Countdowns, Keypads, Lights, Alarms, Pictures/Cameras, Routines

You can arm/disarm new app STHM with anything you want now.

This is interesting, what version are you using? I don’t see any of these options in the iOS app.

Via apps?

The public iOS app that got updated last week.

I can as well do it in the Android app now. I think it might have been made available there after I logged in at my iPad. Maybe a coincident, or there is something that has been activated by using an iOS device.

A fun thing now, is that Smartthings’ support is still insisting it’s not doable, and put it on the account of security concerns. They should maybe be told that the developers now has concluded differently…

So far, so good!

I can now:

  1. Enable the alarm by clicking a button
  2. Make a light go on, with red light, for 10 seconds if someone enters while the alarm is armed
  3. Push a button to disarm the alarm

Then to some privacy concerns…

My wife and I both have the app installed. As it is now, both she and I get a push notification if one of us is approaching home. I think it’s a nice feature that the app is warning me when I get close to home, but this doesn’t make sense. Why would you want to warn the whole family? Is it possible to get this push notification only to the device that is about to get home?

A setting that in some way makes more sense, is that a push notification is sent to everyone when the alarm is disabled. But still, I think there are downsides. The most serious one is the privacy part. I know that there are logs available for the door sensor, but checking logs is an active choice. As it is now, my wife and I cannot get home without a message popping up on the other’s phone. As those warnings are given when the alarm is disarmed. Is it possible to turn of this warning, or am I back to checking if the “mode” setting can be used in combination with delay of alarm.

if you’re in the USA, you can set a text message instead.

I’m in Europe. And I don’t really see how an SMS would solve the wish to not get any notifications (of course, maybe giving a non-existing number would have crashed the whole thing :slight_smile: )