Konnected Alarm Panel wired system conversion kit for sale, I moved from ST


After I bought Konnected 12 zone system, I never used it, I moved to another hub system and I will not use them. I will give you a good price.

Honestly I don’t know if there is a selling area on this community, sorry to post it here.

I have paypal, ebay, amazon accounts. We can use any if you are concerned. Private message if you are interested.

I’m located in Florida, USA.


Hi @vjv , it will help if you tell us which country you are in.

Thanks, I fixed the post, I’m in Florida USA.

Sent you a PM

Replied, thanks

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Sold. Thanks

Just wanted to let everyone know that I purchased this. @vjv is an excellent/honest seller. He shipped promptly, communicated well and the item was exactly as described.

Thanks for the feedback. :+1: