Known issue with the Hue bridge BETA firmware

We have discovered an issue with the integration between the SmartThings Hub V2 with production firmware (0.19.19) and the Hue bridge running one of these beta firmware versions:

  • 1711201132 or 1712201209 for the Bridge V2 (square)
  • 01041302 for the Bridge V1 (round)

This will not affect most people unless you are in the Hue beta program and have manually applied one of these firmware updates to your bridge. If after applying the update the integration stopped working then you are likely hitting this problem.

We do have a fix for this issue which is currently available through the SmartThings hub firmware beta program. We plan to release this fix in the next couple of weeks but if you would like early access you can sign up for the beta program here:

Update 1/13: The fix for this problem was included in the 0.19.20 firmware release that rolled out today.