Kitchen hood fan control (Low/Hi/Off)?

Hi All,

I am planning to add z-wave to my kitchen exhaust fan. It has 3 modes (hi/low/off) as in the picture.

Is there any z-wave device that I could use for this?


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Looks to me like you have two switches that are simple contacts. Is the switch to the left the Hi-Lo and the switch on the right On-Off?

If so I would look into something like the Enerwave Z-Wave Plus ZWN-RSM2 might be the closest match. You have the neutral it requires. It wouldn’t be perfect replacement but might work for you. If you add another simple SPDT relay however it would match all the functions.

I would do some testing though because enclosing a smart switch in a metal kitchen hood enclosure will severely limit its range.

Hi @dalec,

Sorry for a year late reply. My wife only allows me an allowance of 1000$ a year for smart home stuff :(. I have just bought and installed the Enerwave z-wave double switch and a sdpt replay for my kitchen hood. Here is my set up.

  1. Neutral to neutral z-wave double switch

  2. Hot to hot z-wave double switch

  3. load 1 to spdt common relay

  4. load 2 to 120VAC spdt relay.

  5. NC to range hood low

  6. NO to range hood high

My range hood seems to be still working fine with the buttons. However, when I turn on a switch, it does not do anything. What do you think the cause will be? One thing I am not sure is if I should connect the common & 120VAC wire of the spdt relay to the load or aux port of the double switch?


Here is my current diagram. When I toggle the z-wave switch, it seems it does not do anything. My rangehood is still working with the manual buttons. I have two things that I am not sure:

  1. should the 120V and Common be connected to the load or aux terminals of the z-wave switch?

  2. Should I connect the common output of spdt to the off position of the range hood?



I’m also interested in how you may have solved this.

We’re remodeling our kitchen, and will be installing a brand-new hood, which I’d like to be able to control both the lighting and exhaust fan with Z-wave.

I’m not sure about the specs on the fan yet, but if it’s multiple-speed, I’d be interested in how (or if) you solved it with these relays.

Lighting with the relay looks to be relatively straightforward, but the multi-speed fan is perplexing to me as well.


Here is the correct wiring:

  1. Input Common are bundled with neutral

  2. Load 2 --> Common output.

My original spdt is a bit big for my range hood electrical box. I bought this one:

and it fits perfectly to the range hood canopy.

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Did you do the lighting with a single relay ennerwave?

I have not done that but it will be very easy as the range hood has the hot and neutral wires.

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So, it looks like the dual relay and SPDT will work for the hood we are putting in, at least lighting-wise (, since this hood has OFF/DIM/BRIGHT for the lighting. However, the fan is 6 different speeds, so, I presume that there isn’t a good combination to be able to control that via relays?

It would have to be something Z-wave that presented to ST as a dimmer switch, similar to the Graber/Somfy motorized window blinds? Any thoughts?

It will depend on your range hood wiring. Do you have 6 terminals on your switch button? If not, a GE z-wave smart fan may work. The GE z-wave smart fan is showing as a dimmer in my Vera and I can control my fan speed with the slider from 0 to 100%.

Is it wired so that the manual switches still work? If so, do you have a wiring diagram of where the Enerwave goes relative to those switches? We have a range hood that has difficult to reach switches, so would like to set up SmartThings control.